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Get to Know Actor and Model Skyler Jack Spritzer

Skyler Jack Spritzer is a beginning actor and model born and raised in Las Vegas, New Mexico. Skyler began showing interest in modeling and acting at age two, when his father, Joseph Lovato, began to teach him about the fashion and modeling world. Shortly after, Skyler was signed by the Brogan Agency in Venice, California. Since being signed in 2021, Skyler has worked as a background actor in a film starring actress Amy Adams. He also participated in the JCPenney fashion show through the Santa Clarita School of Performing Arts, where he is enrolled to help advance in his acting and modeling skills.

Skyler would love to make his dream of establishing himself fully as an actor or model a reality. His experience and training have already contributed significantly to his skills in the field. He follows directions well and enjoys being in front of the camera. Skyler is very photogenic and his smile is like a ray of sunshine.

How long have you been in the entertainment industry and what do you enjoy the most about this field?

I have been in the industry as a model and actor for two years, and enjoy being in front of the camera and learning from the other actors and models.

What attracted you to a career as an actor?

I found my passion for acting and modeling through my father, Joseph Lovato, at the early age of two when he introduced me to fashion, modeling, and acting.


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Who are your biggest influences?

The most influential people in my life are my two dads. My dads are teaching me to aim high, work hard, and value family. My parents guide me, comfort me, and bring the best out of me in everything that I do. They constantly inspire me to achieve.

How difficult is it to establish yourself in the film industry?

It has been very challenging to get established, especially since I’m starting ut with very few connections in the industry.

What’s your dream, your ultimate goal? Do you feel like you’re on the path to this goal, or do you feel as if you already achieved that dream?

I’m on the path to fulfilling his dream of becoming an actor or model and putting my skills to work.

What is your message to all your fans?

Never give up on your dream. Keep climbing until you reach the top.


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