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Unveiling the Legacy: 'Fields of Gold' Documentary Premieres to Rave Reviews

Updated: Sep 1, 2023

The enchanting glow of Hollywood's limelight met the red carpet at the Fine Arts Theatre in Beverly Hills on the memorable evening of August 18, 2023, as the documentary "Fields of Gold" celebrated its highly anticipated premiere. The event marked the culmination of creative brilliance and storytelling mastery, drawing a constellation of luminaries from both the entertainment industry and beyond.

Photo Credit: Peter Lefevre

Cate Hartley, Elizabeth Hartley, Alex Staley, David Hartley, Mark Staley, Julie Staley, Barb Hartley, Joel Hartley, Lucas Staley

Written and directed by the accomplished Julie Staley of Spencer Films, "Fields of Gold" takes viewers on an awe-inspiring journey through time, narrated by the Emmy Award-winning actor Peter Coyote. The documentary chronicles the remarkable life of Augustus Eugene Staley, an ordinary farmer born in 1867 who carved an extraordinary path to become the driving force behind an agricultural empire. From his humble beginnings, Mr. Staley's story unfolds to reveal his ownership of turn-of-the-twentieth-century baseball and football teams, most notably the Decatur Staleys football squad. This team, under the leadership of figures like George Halas, Charles "Chic" Harley, and Edward "Dutch" Sternaman, would go on to make history as the Chicago Bears in 1922.

Photo Credit: Peter Lefevre

Lauren McGill, Mark Staley, Michael Pollack, Julie Staley

The emotions stirred by "Fields of Gold" were palpable at the premiere, leaving attendees captivated by the story of hope, resilience, and community-building. Giovanna Salas, CEO of Heart Of Hollywood Magazine, aptly captured the sentiment, stating, "The film was emotional, inspiring, and exciting to see a man with hope and perseverance who, despite any challenge, continued to build and care for his community."

Photo Credit: Peter Lefevre

David Baker, Colleen Baker, Alex Staley, Mark Staley, Julie Staley, Lucas Staley

The documentary resonates deeply with those familiar with Napoleon Hill's "Think and Grow Rich," as it vividly illustrates the principles of determination, vision, and hard work that lead to lasting success. "Fields of Gold" is more than just a historical account; it's a testament to the power of the human spirit and the impact of individual dedication on a larger scale.

The premiere was graced by an impressive array of guests, each contributing to the atmosphere of celebration and appreciation for the film's message. David Baker, the Former President & CEO of the Pro Football Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio, and his wife Colleen Baker, added their presence to the evening. Julie Staley, the driving force behind the documentary as its Director, Writer, and Producer, alongside her husband Mark Staley, the Executive Producer, radiated a sense of accomplishment and pride.

Photo Credit: Peter Lefevre

A collective of visionaries made "Fields of Gold" a reality, and their contributions were acknowledged on this special night. Michael Pollack, the Producer of the documentary, and Laura Richter, its Associate Producer, added their creative energies to the project. The presence of George Veras, Former COO & Executive Producer of the Pro Football Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio, was a testament to his commitment to storytelling excellence. Accompanied by his wife, Kim Veras, the couple added a touch of elegance to the event.


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The red carpet also saw familiar faces from the entertainment world, with Simon Miller, recognized for his roles in hit shows like "The Vampire Diaries," "Gossip Girl," and "CSI: Miami," gracing the occasion. Arthur Allan Seidelman, an Executive Producer of "Fields of Gold," brought his expertise to the forefront, while Jean-Francois Cavelier and and Ghizlane Morlot, both Associate Producers, and Lauren McGill, an Executive Producers, contributed their creative vision to the project. Ana Lawson, an Actress and TV Host, Natasha Black (recurring on Peacock TV on the Paul Goldman Series), Danielle Vasinova (Actress, Model, V.O. Artist), Maria Shapley (Actress), and Jeff Gund, CEO and Founder of Film Producer and Composer were among the notable attendees who added their unique charm to the event.

Photo Credit: Peter Lefevre

Simon Miller, Julie Staley, Arthur Allan Seidelman

The success of the premiere would not have been possible without the hard work and dedication of PRHollywood, founded by Monica Matulich, who played a pivotal role in bringing the documentary to the attention of the public and media.

As the evening's excitement unfolded, the premiere of "Fields of Gold" emerged as a tribute to the enduring power of human potential, determination, and community impact. The documentary not only tells a captivating story of an individual's journey but also serves as a beacon of inspiration for all those who believe in the magic of perseverance and the pursuit of dreams.


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