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“Unfavorable ODDS”, Rom-Com Sets September 9 Theater Release

Unfavorable Odds follows Brad Wilson who is a preoccupied, presumptuous, businessman and husband to his neglected wife, Victoria. Until he meets with his colleagues and finds his best-friend is a playboy, with everything he wants in life, especially any woman that he desires. After Brad plays high stakes with Victoria as the prize, he finds himself against unfavorable odds. Charles Malik Whitfield (Terror Lake Drive), Grayson Berry (Vengeance), Maria Tornberg (Days of our Lives) and Charles Ambrose (NCIS: Los Angles) round out the cast.

The film was Produced by Owlam Studios and No Limit Media Group in association with Cue & Coda Films. The story is by Producers Tony D. White and Corey Toney and the screenplay was penned by Edna Janeen White. The film is distributed by Aloha Releasing. The film was Directed by Michael [Boogie] Pinckney. Michael got his start as an assistant director on films such as “Inside Man” and “Precious” as well as TV shows like “Broad City” and “Law & Order CI” before transitioning to writing and directing. Michael’s feature film debut was a film entitled “You’re Nobody Til Somebody Kills You” distributed by Lionsgate and Executive Produced by Spike Lee. How was it shooting in Dallas?

Director: I love Dallas. It has so many different looks, the texture and all the open spaces are a filmmaker’s dream. This was my first time working with Producers Tony D. White and Corey Toney. Tony reached out to me about directing the film and I jumped at the chance. We all hope to do more films together in the future. but I worked with Cue and Coda on the docu-series entitled “Trafficked – Survivor Stories” a series about sex domestic trafficking. Curshion Jones a Producer whom I’ve collaborated with on a few projects and one of the principals at Cue and Coda also produced the series and Cue and Coda was the production company. And the DP for Unfavorable Odds, Marcus Hawthorne was the DP on the docu-series and he also shot my award-winning short film I AM A MAN. So, we’re had a great creative relationship that we’ve built over time.

What does being a part of this project mean for you?

Director: It was amazing to be a part of a project like this. It’s a funny and cleaver script, the cast was Stellar and everyone was so collaborative. I love smart comedies. The timing, the movement, and the spontaneity of it is so fluid. What was it like working with the cast?

Director: Being able to find those comedic moments with the actors and have fun while doing it was amazing. The cast was so open and free to try anything. It was truly a collaborative process where I was able to give the actors the room to become the characters and creative a world and buy into it. It was of course challenging because we didn’t have a lot of time to shoot the film but we made it work and we had a blast doing it. We became a family while doing the film. That’s what happens when you go into the foxhole and in battle with together you come out on the other side with a bond. What do you want audiences to take away from watching the movie?

Director: I want audiences to have fun while watching the movie. I want them to feel what our main character is feeling and understand we all make mistakes but have a chance to correct them and redeem ourselves. I want them to believe in love and the power of it and the fact that if you want something you have to fight for it. Love always wins at the end. What’s Next Up for you?

Director: Next up for me is my feature film Gods x Kingz which I hope to start production in late fall and we’re finishing up postproduction for Survivor Stories, the documentary about domestic sex trafficking.

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