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By Katherine Zammuto

After doing my Podcast Kat on the Loose - sex, dating & relationships for almost three years and interviewing dozens of people including several experts in these fields, I realize that that are certain basic things that men always complain that women do when it comes to dating and vice-versa…so if you are single and looking for your ideal partner here is a list of what NOT to do:


1. TOO MANY FILTERS ON THEIR PHOTOS OR USE VERY OLD PHOTOS ON THEIR DATING PROFILES: and when they meet in person, the woman looks nothing like the pictures. I say you want someone to like you for you, beauty, flaws and all…so start by really being yourself on your profile and put your best smile forward.

2. LYING ABOUT AGE: yes, so many women do that and really, what for? Eventually if you like someone, they will find out the truth, so why not start with the truth from the get go? Would you want someone that likes you only if you were a certain age? The whole point of trying to find the ideal partner is to find someone who really like the real us, age. and all!!

3. GETTING TOO CLINGY/INSECURE RIGHT IN THE BEGINNING OF THE RELATIONSHIP: most men like to take their time when getting to know someone, and a lot of women want to jump the gun and get very attached too soon. Make sure you also take your time and keep your own interests and passions other than the new person, so the relationship develops organically.

4. BEING ALWAYS LATE: I NEVER met a man in this world that did not complain about women being always late. It is not nice to keep someone waiting for a long time, so please, let’s be respectful of everyone’s time and try as best as possible to be on schedule. A 10-15 min delay can happen, but more than that becomes an issue.

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1. LIYNG ABOUT THEIR HEIGHT: Now the question is, why??? Yes, most men lie about their height and fib it if they are too short…but guys, same thing applies for you when it comes to dating profiles…why in the world would you lie that you are taller, if we will find out the truth the minute we meet you! Really, let’s keep it real – the right woman will love you, short or not.

2. LYING ABOUT THEIR JOB/FINANCIAL STATUS: This is a tough one, but being upfront about what you do and your financial situation is super important from the get go. Guys tend to embellish in order to “get the girl” - but of course, it always backfires. Same principle applies here – be truthful and the right person for you will love you, regardless of your bank account.

3. MISREPRESENTING THEIR INTENTIONS: not everyone in the dating world is looking for a serious and committed relationships, but telling someone you are if you just want a one- night stand or fling, is plain simple unethical. Whatever you are looking for, the key is to be clear and upfront about it so nobody gets hurt.

4. BEING TOO POSSESSIVE/JEALOUS TOO SOON IN THE RELATIONSHIP: A small. Amount of jealousy is always great because it means we like our partner, but some men tend to get carried away and treat their women like a prized possession, and that can be suffocating sometimes. Check your insecurities at the door and trust that if someone is with you, it is because they like you!!

If you have any questions or want to share your stories, please send us an email or follow me on Instagram @katzammuto and send me a DM. I would love to hear from you!!!

Kat on the Loose – sex, dating & relationships podcast is available on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Amazon Music, I Heart Radio. Now a part of the Latina Podcasters Network.

Much love always, Kat


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