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Kennellie Ferguson Encourages Women to Discover Their Own Strength

Kennellie Ferguson has spent over 10 years working in various positions within the field of accounting. Throughout the years, her experiences, her drive to provide for her family, and her desire to share her appreciation and respect for education have led her to take on many roles and responsibilities.

“At present, I keep quite busy in my professional life, having four different jobs. Currently, I am a partner in a small accounting firm, an independent business consultant, an Adjunct Accounting Professor at three different colleges, and a business owner,” says Kennellie.

Most people would say that what sets her apart from others in her field is the fact that she does so much. “However, I would have to say that what sets me apart is that I do all of these things because I am driven to them. I am driven to be a consummate expert to meet the needs of my accounting clients. I am driven to help my fellow business owners to be successful and reach their personal and professional goals. I am driven to teach and inspire my students to learn and grow in every way possible. I am driven to deliver compassionate, quality, community-based home care services in my own business to improve quality of life while safeguarding the independence and dignity of our residents,” she explains.

Taking on so much all at once could be overwhelming for anyone, but what keeps Kennellie going is that she cares about everyone she deals with and feels true gratitude for all the opportunities that present themselves. “I credit these opportunities and having arrived at where I am today to my passion for education and professional growth. I grew up in the Philippines, where education for young girls was not a priority and was not guaranteed. All over the world, girls are at a disadvantage when it comes to getting an education. Cultural bias, gender discrimination, and safety concerns limit access and discourage girls from learning. At an early age, I recognized the importance of education and have fought hard to earn mine, both as a child and as an adult”, she states.

Kennellie’s dream would be to start a non-pro t organization dedicated to helping and empowering girls to discover their own strength, advocate for themselves, and create a new and different path for their lives.

“Statistics show that educated women are healthier, earn a higher income for their families, and are greater contributors to their communities,” she says. “I believe an educated woman can change the world. I am devoted to creating positive change in the lives of young women and girls through access to quality education.”

You can contact Kennellie here:

Instagram: @kennellie008 .

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