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Stars Walk the Red Carpet for Malibu Crush Premiere

By Jessica Ross

Sydney’s Hoyts Fox Studios rolled out the red carpet last night at the Australian premiere of the feature film Malibu Crush, a buddy comedy largely shot in Bondi Beach.

Westworld and Mortdecai actor Jonny Pasvolsky was the night’s MC while Amazon’s Miss Multiverse Australia host Tom Gay interviewed the likes of Suzan Mutesi (Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings), James Pratt (Director), Rodney O (Announcer) and Bella Valentini (The Story of Nadia) on the red carpet.

“I love coming out to support local made films. The passion and talent are rare,” Mutesi said.

Suzan Matasi and Tom Gay arrive at the Australian premiere of "Malibu Crush"

The film’s storyline revolves around two best friends from Los Angeles who pretend to be acclaimed film directors to declare their love to an ex-girlfriend now living in Bondi Beach (Australia).

Malibu Crush has enjoyed a festival run throughout 2022, winning 25 major film festivals, including the Los Angeles Film Awards, Cannes Film Awards and Beyond Hollywood International Film Festival.

Barbara Hastings, Scott Miller, James Pratt, Bella Valentini, Clare Griggs, and Caleb Duncan

“(Malibu Crush) seriously made me laugh so hard. I related so much to some of these characters from my university years. The best,” Tom Gay said.

Tom Gay

Renowned Australian actor Jonny Pasvolsky had a special reason to be at the premiere. He is close friends with Malibu Crush’s star, director and screenwriter James Pratt and hosted the Q&A with the cast on the night.

Jonny Pasvolsky

“It’s inspiring to see a Bondi mate going all the way with a great international comedy,” Pasvolsky said. “Malibu Crush is proof that there are many dynamic ways to make good films. Hollywood loves this film.”

Pratt added. The movie has laugh-out-loud moments and I am thrilled everything has come together.”

The film also stars Brittany Hockley (The Bachelor, Life Uncut), Demitra Sealy (Fast & Furious 9), Bella Valentini (Streets of Nadia), Scott E. Miller (Once Upon a Time) and Billy White, making his debut.

In Los Angeles, the TCL Chinese Theatre in Hollywood was playing Malibu Crush during the same week as a finalist for both the 2022 Silicon Beach Film Festival and 2022 iHollywood Film Festival. Malibu Crush has received advance praise from Emmy Award® nominated producer, David Cormican and Hollywood producer Justin L. Levine.

Bounty Films distributes the title across Australia and New Zealand, while Cardinal XD for the United States, Canada and Europe. Mogul Productions sponsored the film’s premiere.

James Pratt and Bella Valentini

Suzan Mutesi and Zoe Tink

Mitchell Slater and Mitchell Law

Melody Law

Damian Nixey and Suki Foster Nixey

James Pratt

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