Singer, Songwriter, & Mediterranean Beauty Lisa Panagos Releases the Soulful Album “Beautiful".

March 1, 2021 - Hollywood, CA - Singer, Songwriter, & Mediterranean Beauty Lisa Panagos releases the album“Beautiful,” a soulful, majestic, and lyrically exquisite record about relationships and love.

Lisa was inspired to write the title song ‘Beautiful’ while going through a difficult time with loved ones and a breakup. The song encourages people to flip the lens in their minds to Beautiful in the midst of a bad situation. “Life is too short to live in darkness and negativity. We have the ability to flip the lens and see the beauty around us and in others. We can flip the lens to light and positivity. There is so much beauty in the world. Why not focus on that? Also, there is nothing more potent than self-love and projecting that into the world with confidence.”

Beautiful Lyrics

Written by: Lisa Panagos

Life is too short to worry bout’

How other people treat you

You’ve got to help yourself

You’ve got to love yourself

If you want other people to see you

The way you want them to

The way you like them to.

I used to see hatred, violence

I used to see bigotry

Now I see kindness, compassion

Now I see beauty

If you flip the lense in your mind

A better place you will find

If you smile at someone today

A better place you’ll help create

We can be a part of the solution

A better place we must create

Let’s create a solution

Something to benefit the human race

Cause Life is Beautiful, Life is Beautiful

Cause Life is Beautiful, Life is Beautiful

I always used to worry bout’

The way other people treated me

Then one day I helped myself