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Sacrifice - A Story set in the Alien Film Universe

Dr. Chris McAuley has been invited to work on the Alien Franchise. As a celebration of this, he has written a special story for Heart of Hollywood Magazine.

Blood poured from every orifice in Sujay's body. He had wrapped himself in white ritual garments as his mistress Kali had instructed him. He gritted his teeth as his body deified him and he soiled the snow white robe. He kept moving forward towards the busy marketplace. It would soon be time for the progeny of his mistress to be brought into the world.

He had always been a fierce student of the holy texts, he loved tracing his fingers along the illustrations of Krishna. Thinking about how the words and illustrations composed a symphony pointing him to the deeper mysteries of both the micro and macrocosm.

It was the dual nature of Kali who captivated him however. The divine mother and ultimate avatar of destruction. She brought forth death only to assist in the promise of new life. For every soul that was removed from the universe, it was replaced with new promise. Endlessly destroying and recreating - bringing a divine balance and freshness to the cosmic sphere.

A fresh wave of pain enveloped him, he had reached the bazar, just a few more meters and it would be over. He would become the midwife of a new age. The world had become crowed, over populated and full of suffering. His Mistress would once more refresh the world, give hope and a new populace who would dream new dreams and construct new civilizations.

All through him and his act of sacrifice.

He had dreamed of her at nights. Her beautiful obsidian black flesh glistening with the light of an unnatural moon. She was more awe inspiring and horrific than any picture conceived by those who had constructed the holy texts. She spoke wordlessly to him, beckoning him to her embrace. Her slavering jaws dripped their bile through grinning lips, carnivorous teeth grinning a skeleton's smile. A promise of blessed death from a mother's embrace.

He had accepted her embrace and that of her smallest children. He faced the fear with the bravery of a true Thugee warrior. Not closing his mouth as her progeny clamped itself around hi