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Updated: Aug 31, 2022

Meet Halas Wilbourn, our Heart Of Hollywood Magazine International Male Cover Model Contest Winner

Halas Wilbourn can best be described in one word–multitalented. He is a podcast host, actor, producer, and now also the 2022 International Male Cover Model for Heart Of Hollywood Magazine. He received this last title thanks to readers who voted online, beating out other also very impressive candidates.

“I produce and host my own podcast, called The Halas Wilbourn Show. I was an Executive Producer for Choose To Prevail: The Show, hosted by author Sandy Rodriguez and based on her book by that same title. I’ve worked on Marvel Comics projects, specifically The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, Avengers, and Hawkeye. I have also done work on films and TV series, such as The Covenant, Heels, and The Last Days of Ptolemy Grey, among many others”, Halas says.

Since he was quite young, Halas felt the desire to start a career as an actor, and dreamed of being on television or the big screen. Mainly, he wanted to overcome his fears of performing in front of a large crowd.

“The idea of bringing a character to life fascinated me,” he recalls, “yet I felt it was extremely difficult to establish oneself in the film industry. Especially if you have no experience, you can only apply for entry-level work or basic assistant positions. However, I believe that if you make contacts, make a good impression, and build yourself a good reputation, you will be the one they recommend for the next available job. It’s also a good idea to build your own team with like-minded people,” says Halas, who can see himself offering consultations five years from now tp people who want to work in entertainment.

His biggest influences have been his parents, other family members, teachers, and people who were willing to teach him something he had wanted to learn.

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“I describe myself as an ordinary man who wants to do extraordinary things. I am passionate about learning new things and problem-solving in the entertainment field. I’m also open and honest. I don’t believe in misleading people and I work extremely hard to be fair in all facets of life. When it comes to my social life, it’s all about growing and maintaining my team– everyone in my circle pushes one another to be their best self,” he says.

Halas is resourceful, persistent, genuine, and patient, so one can only assume that his career dreams will come true soon enough.

“My dream is to complete a film, and my ultimate goal is to make a huge impact in the entertainment industry. I am most definitely on the right path of making my dreams a reality. I have successfully accomplished the majority of my dreams, and have found a plethora of opportunities which place me a position to help others fulfill their own dreams,” he explains.

So far, The Halas Wilbourn Show is doing very well, and is poised to increase in popularity and reach. It welcomes successful people, such as entrepreneurs and celebrities, from around the world and invites them to share their stories. The audience enjoys discovering what the guests consider the keys to their success.

Halas traveled from Georgia to Los Angeles to shoot the cover and tour the city. He turned heads and was treated like an established celebrity at every stop.

“It was a phenomenal experience. The Heart Of Hollywood Magazine staff and crew truly rolled out the red carpet. The photo shoots, video interviews, and tours had such an impact. It all made me feel very confident, joyful, empowered, and happy to be alive. I am extremely thankful for this amazing opportunity. The most memorable moment was meeting Giovanna Salas, the Heart Of Hollywood CEO, with her many surprises,” says Halas. “I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you to all the Heart Of Hollywood Magazine sponsors supporting this issue. Thank you for making my experience even more memorable. I’m looking forward to working with each and every one of you in the future– through pictures, ads, commercials, radio, or voiceovers in support of your business.”

Halas has a special message for Heart Of Hollywood Magazine readers, many of whom voted for him to be on the cover of this issue.

“Surround yourself with like-minded people. Stay encouraged, stay faithful, believe in yourself. Without a doubt, you can be, do, and have whatever you desire,” he says. “I am living proof.”


Our Cover Model’s Los Angeles Photo Shoots and Tours

After winning this magazine’s 2022 International Male Cover Model Contest, Halas Wilbourn was invited for a couple of days in Los Angeles, jam-packed with fun, excitement, and Hollywood glamour.

On June 17th, 2022, Halas arrived at the LAX Airport and was picked up by a company car from sponsor Rule Number 5, a lifestyle and Tesla rental company, then taken to the Hollywood Hotel to relax and settle in.

On June 18th, Halas was picked up at his hotel by Rule Number 5. He finally got to meet Giovanna Salas, the Heart Of Hollywood Motion Pictures CEO, as well as a film crew made up of Andy Hernandez, Henry Nunez, Jazz Nunez, and makeup artist Sandra Galdamez. They all went to the famous Hollywood Walk of Fame and toured the area. The crew shot photos and video of Halas and his journey. With his charisma and dapper style, he definitely turned heads.

After touring Hollywood Boulevard, where the TCL Chinese Theatre and the Dolby Theatre are located, the group stopped by Pink's Hot Dogs, a popular landmark since 1939. Because of its celebrity patrons and unique menu, it has been featured in countless movies, TV shows, and travel books. Richard Pink, head of this unique establishment, gave Halas and the crew the royal treatment, kindly treated them to lunch, and ensured that everyone had a great time.

After lunch, Halas and his companions arrived at a beautiful Moroccan-themed photo studio for the thrilling cover shoot. Also, after a moment of invigorating yet relaxing yoga and tai chi, Halas was interviewed on camera by Sandy Rodriguez, Heart Of Hollywood Magazine editor, and Richard Stermer, Rule Number 5 CEO. A champagne toast followed.

The energy level was still rising even after four hours in the studio, so Heart Of Hollywood held a wrap party for Halas and the crew, who went to the Rain Bar and Lounge in Studio City. After a night of dancing, a company car from Rule Number 5 drove Halas back to his hotel.

On June 19th, an am

azing surprise awaited Halas, thanks to generous sponsor Robert Lawrence, CEO of Grown from Nature, at the Proteus Air Services area within the Santa Monica Airport.

Halas boarded a private plane for a special tour high above the Hollywood Sign, Santa Monica, and Los Angeles. Pilot Robert Lawrence, Giovanna Salas, cinematographer Jazz Nunez, and photographer Andy Hernandez were also on board.

After the exhilarating, once-in-a-lifetime flight Halas, sponsors, and the Heart Of Hollywood Team had lunch at The Cloverfield, a Santa Monica eatery known for its serving fresh, ingredient-driven food, artisanal wine, and craft beer.

The day continued with a visit to the Academy Museum Of Motion Pictures and the La Brea Tar Pits and Museum. Halas had a photographer and a videographer by his side at all times.

Heart Of Hollywood Motion Pictur

es CEO Giovanna Salas had a final surprise for the cover model–dinner with her and Richard Stermer at one of her favorite restaurants, the iconic Musso & Frank Grill, established over 100 years ago. This place has appeared prominently in TV shows and films such as Quentin Tarantino’s Once Upon a Time.. in Hollywood.

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Halas Wilbourn
Halas Wilbourn
Sep 25, 2022


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