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Ricardo Chavez, the Talk of the Town in Hollywood, Is Now in a Movie Taking Place in Hollywood

Actor Ricardo Chavez is a trilingual, multi-award-winning actor with an impressive body of work. He is internationally known for his successful career spanning more than four decades in the entertainment industry.

His latest role, in the movie The Bullfighter, is as Felipe Fernando de la Fernand a once beloved Spanish bullfighter in Mexico City whose career is over, and who is left drowning in existential dread.

The actor viewed the role as an opportunity to reconnect with his Mexican roots and to work with a great director that he greatly admires, Giselle Bonilla.

“When I was offered the role of Felipe Fernando de la Fernand, I knew I had to accept it right away,” says Ricardo. “This is a very special movie, not only because of the richness of this character and his Mexican roots, but also because I would get to work with some incredible talent. The writers, the director, and the entire crew made this one extra special!”


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Ricardo is also an author, speaker, producer, entrepreneur, martial artist, and philanthropist. He is devoted to bringing light, hope, inspiration, and solace to others through his work as an actor, his books, his brand of anti-aging products, his lectures or seminars, and his famous personal transformation coaching.

“I am truly passionate about life, and I believe that humanity has great potential to be happy. If I can bring some of this happiness to people through my projects, I feel I am fulfilling my role in this life”, Ricardo explains.

The Bullfighter is produced by Colt Kozal and Wuliang Zhang. It was written by Giselle Bonilla and Cesar Jaramillo, with casting by Carla Hool.

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Batista Gremaud
Batista Gremaud
Feb 21, 2023

nice article

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