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A Still-Secret Movie Starring

Clint Eastwood’s Granddaughter That Will Benefit Under-Resourced Youths

Graylen Eastwood, granddaughter of legendary Clint Eastwood, is set to star in an epic western tale. In doing so, she will launch her career and carry on the Eastwood name, gunning her way up the entertainment ladder.

The film is still a secret project with many aspects, including the title, still being kept under wraps.

Heart Of Hollywood Magazine, however, has been informed that the movie is a western that takes place in 1872 in old New Mexico territory. It tells the story of a young woman fed up with the oppression and control exerted by powerful and corrupt men who constantly ravage her small town, until she fights back, showing them the fight of their lives... and deaths.

The movie was written and directed by Bryan Bernhard, making his directorial debut. This is a story by Bradley Alan and Bryan Bernhard.

It is produced by Bryan Bernhard, who also serves as executive producer, along with Travis MaLlloy; Errol Sack and Derek Hunt of ES Films and Sable Ranch in Santa Clarita, and Bradley Alan and Graylen Eastwood of Freedom Tree Entertainment.


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Freedom Tree Entertainment was started by Bradley Alan and Graylen Eastwood in the summer of 2021, with the intention of creating films that push limits and break molds, films that are provocative, informational, exciting, and life-changing.

Their hope is to bring to life, through storytelling, the light within subjects that are clouded in darkness, misconceptions, and maybe even straight-out lies and cover-ups. Whether they are portraying fantasy or reality, they strive to do their best to show truth in life, so that the audience grows in a positive way while also being dazzled and entertained.

Freedom Tree, along with political activist and community leader Danny Garcia, has also put together a Film Production Development Program for under-resourced youths.

This creates an opportunity for students to learn about, work on, and even be a part of this top-secret production. Freedom Tree trusts it can teach young people the fundamentals of filmmaking and give them hands-on experience to help prepare them for a more successful future in their filmmaking endeavors.


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