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“Older” Fashion Models Are Breaking Barriers

By Billy Montgomery

Traditionally, when female models hit a certain age, they are often hit with a unique kind of ageism from an industry that tends to worship youth and arguably considers aging a disease. However, despite the stigma, today many mature fashion models are finding ways to break boundaries and slay the stage.

Having started with fitness modeling in 2018, Ripsy “Rip” Janikyan switched gears to fashion runway modeling last year. In 2022, the 5’10” healthcare professional walked in over 30 shows, representing more than 50 designers, and was published in seven magazines. At 36 years old, she may have started modeling late according to conventional practices, but Janikyan said she was right on time.

“When I'm on that stage I get this adrenaline rush and I just don't want to stop,” the Burbank, CA resident said.“It's an amazing feeling and makes me extra confident like I'm untouchable. I mean no one's perfect, but when I'm on that stage it's like nothing, and no one can bother me.”