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Ogee1523 Reminds Us That We Are Never To Old To Follow Our Dreams

Harlem-born and Bronx-raised, Gerard “Ogee” Allen, is the epitome of “never2old.” The father of four (three boys and one girl), and grandfather to ten, has been nonstop at believing in himself and all he has wanted to do…including rap. Achieving the moniker, Ogee, came after many other childhood names; however, he has certainly earned it now — father, grandfather, mentor, and role model to the young.

After 27 years, Gerard “Ogee” Allen retired from the New York City Housing Authority on January 1, 2021. Before working for the City Housing Authority, Gerard worked for a printing company, a recording studio, and at Madison square garden.

First and foremost, Gerard “Ogee” Allen is proud of his children, in which three are in the entertainment business (Ty-Trackz, who became a producer, J-Quest, who became a rapper, and Oun-P who was and still is a notable (and unstoppable) battle rapper — he won 7 straight weeks on B.E.T.s 106 & Park Freestyle Friday). Second, he is proud to still be alive and was able to work until retirement. Raised in Morrisania, one of the most notorious sections in the Bronx, New York housing projects, life is uncertain for Black men.

But for Ogee, he was able to tell another story of his life. Having his first child at the age of 16, met his daughter when she was 17 years old just months before her mother was murdered, finding out the mother of his first son passed away unexpectedly and losing his wife and mother of two of his children in 2016 can teach someone a huge lesson about living life to the fullest.

Residing in the Bronx projects, Gerard “Ogee” Allen became a hip-hop pioneer and artist. It was in there he met a group of friends who later became the legendary Talented Rascals (also called the T.R. Nation). While a part of the group, Ogee honed his skills in all five elements of the hip-hop culture: graffiti, break dancing, beatbox, DJing, and rapping.

After the Talented Rascals disbanded, he and another member formed The Funky Fresh Duo and recorded multiple songs, and performed throughout the New York tri-state area. After a few years, Ogee joined forces with one of his cousins and continued to record and perform under the name ‘Da Cuzinz’.

Ogee would eventually collaborate on a project with his two oldest sons, Ty-Trackz and Oun-P called “A Father & 2 Sons.” Recent endeavors include an EP titled “Never 2 Old” and the chart-climbing single and video “More Weed”. While OGee1523 is an OG, he still captures the ear of the youth.

So…when did you fall in love with hip hop?

I fell in love with HipHop from the very first beginning. When the legendary DJ Kool Herc used to bring his turntables out to the schoolyards. I was always there. If my parents were ever looking for me, they knew where to find me. I was the kid who was always up in front of the ropes (if you weren’t part of the DJ’s crew, you couldn’t go behind the rope). Just by watching, it made me want to get my crew and start our own thing. That’s when TR Nation started.

Please tell us about some of your latest projects and what you are currently working on. We would love to hear about the upcoming album and your work with the legendary Fatman Scoop…

Working with FatMan Scoop is a blessing. I learned so much from him by Listening & Watching him. By doing that, I had to fix the mistakes I’ve been making that I never noticed. I’m working on an album right now titled “Never2Late” it will have ten or maybe 12 songs on it. Nothing but feel-good music. My lasted single GET EM UP (Birthday vibe) featuring. FatMan Scoop, produced by Q-Banga The B. C. E. is Out Now on all Platforms. The video is now on YouTube, directed by Shawn States of 31mediagroup. I got a billboard up in New York City, and I’m shooting a video scene tonight under the billboard for my next single titled, “I Feel Good Today,” produced by Q-Banga and directed by Shawn States as well. I got another party banger titled “Drinks Up” featuring Mike Neezy, a very know DJ around the tri-state area who’s known for crowd-pleasing & hyping up the crowd and produced by DJ Webstar, another DJ known for hyping the crowd. I don’t want to have an album with songs that sounds good. I make feel-good songs; my songs will have you feeling good and appreciating rap music.

We understand that your latest video has reached over 100k views. Congratulations! How does that feel?

Wow, Thank you. It feels great because I worked so hard for so long, and now I’m getting the appreciation that I deserve. Me witnessing the views climbing up only makes me want to go harder on promoting the single and getting ready for the album. Hopefully, by the time this article has been published, the views will be up a little. But seriously, it feels really good like I’m doing something right.

How did the name OGee1523 come about?

I got that name OGEE because I’m someone’s father, grandfather, uncle, I’m a mentor to the youth, and the era where I came from a lot of people isn’t here anymore or in prison doing a lot of years even life. So, by giving my knowledge to the youth, they look up to me as OGEE. 1523 came from the name of my circle, which is OOH-WAY. The O is the 15th letter in the Alphabet, and the W is the 23rd letter in the Alphabet. That’s how 1523 came about.

What are some of the most memorable moments in your career so far?

I have a few. The latest is when I was performing live on stage with Fatman Scoop at Salsa Con Fuego, a spot in the Bx where they have live shows with the top entertainers and live comedy shows hosted by Rob Stapleton. DJ Mike Neezy & DJ KidNu be having that place rocking. Another time was when I was about to perform in Cleveland, Ohio, at the Nerve DJ’s 18th-anniversary award ceremony show thrown by OG DJ Johnny O. The host was about to introduce me to come up on stage. Smooth B (from the legendary group Nice & Smooth) ran on stage, grabbed the microphone out of the host hand, and introduced me to the “correct” way (as he calls it). Smooth B now lives in Cali (we have been childhood friends since he grew up in the Bx). The last thing is performing and being on the same stage with my sons Oun-P & J-Quest. Words can’t explain that feeling. It’s priceless. Who are some artists who hope to work with someday?

I would love to work with the artists who made a difference in their life. Like Snoop Dogg, he is my top influencer. Music turned his life around. I would love to work with Drake because he knows how to make records. I mean songs you can relate to. I would also love to do a nice Rap R & B record with Charlie Wilson featured on it. A lot of people say I look like him (lol), and last but not least by boy Smooth B

What would you like to see more of in the music industry?

I’d like to see more people from New York working together and getting that ego off their shoulders. I would also like to see the younger rappers paying respect to the hip-hop pioneers, also known as icons in the industry. It’s time for the younger ones to start working with the older ones, and just from that, HipHop will be in a much better place. I would also love for the DJs to start playing all rap music from the older to the younger switch it up. With all the younger raps, it is making it dangerous to go out and enjoy ourselves. I think the young once’s need guidance. I would love for everyone in the industry to come together as one. “Unity”

What impact do you want to make through your music?

I want everyone to feel good when they listen to my music. I want the older generation to feel young again. I want everyone to get up and dance even if you’re in a wheelchair, spin that wheelchair around and make the best of it, people who feel like they can do it, whatever it is, I want them to listen to my music and have faith that’s anything is possible.

What’s next for you?

Next for me is the release of my album “Never2Late and a few more videos for songs for the album. I am also planning a five to six city music tour with my family titled “1523 Family Affair Concert.” I am looking for shows I can open for some big-name artists and hopefully put on an I-95 tour starting in New Jersey and going down to Atlanta and finishing in New York after the album drop. In the interim, I will still be dropping freestyles just to keep my buzz up.

Keep up to date with Ogee1523 on Instagram @ogee1523

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