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Non-Profit organizations that need your support right now

Last year, the Washington Post reported that one-third of organizations might not survive the reccessión the pandemic has caused. This is precisely why we must join and help as much as we can because many of these causes are the silent heroes of so many. Read about this week’s organizations and consider donating so we can help them achieve their goal.

1. Climate Change Fund


Current levels of emissions are contributing to millions of deaths annually from air pollution and causing irrevocable damage to our planet. In addition, millions worldwide do not have access to modern energy technology, severely hampering development goals. This Fund from Founders Pledge is committed to finding and funding sustainable solutions to the emissions crisis that still allows growth, freeing millions from the prison of energy poverty. At the moment, they are focusing their efforts on clean energy innovation and policy leadership so that by 2022, we can have solutions for the climate crisis that are suited for the modern world.

Read more about their fantastic work here:

2. Animal Welfare Fund

As pets, they greet us when we come home from a long day at work. On our farms, they provide valuable resources that feed people around the world. In the environment, they keep in balance our delicate ecosystems. In other words, all animals – from cats to koalas, dogs to dolphins, lambs to lizards – play an active and important role in our lives and our world. Local animal charities everywhere are dedicated to protecting and improving the lives of animals and their communities. Whether it is a local rescue, shelter, or medical clinic, they offer desperately needed hope and help. The mission of the Animal Welfare Fund is to help these organizations take full advantage of the Combined Federal Campaign, a trusted source of new donors and unrestricted funds.


You can help by becoming a member and adding to the efforts of rescuing and protecting animals. The Fund gives you the opportunity to have a more active role in the cause. Find out more at the following link:

3. The Life You Can Save

What “The Life You Can Save” do is curate a group of nonprofits that save or improve the most lives per dollar. Their aim is to create a world where everyone has an opportunity to build a better life and where there’s no suffering or death due to extreme poverty. They host a variety of charities under the “smart giving” technique. This includes: Against Malaria Foundation, Development Media International, Give Directly, Evidence Action, Hellen Keller International, Living Googs, One Acre Funds, and so much more. As you can see, they support many different causes across the globe.

To help find an organization you deeply care about, or simply split your donation between them all. Their non-profit choosing process makes for highly effective giving, making sure your donation is put to good use. Read more about them and consider making a donation here:


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Lisa Kate
Lisa Kate

I am very passionate about the causes of the welfare of our planet. From leelkng our trees and organics, plus our animal protections.

Anyhow I can help

Lisa Kate

Manager & CEO

Talent Image Management

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