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Non-Profit organizations that need your support right now

1.Pulmones para Antolin (Lungs for Antolin)

“Hello, I'm David Antolin. I’m 17 years old, I have Cystic fibrosis and require a lung transplant, this is highly expensive, and I’m looking for help,” this is what’s on Antolin’s personal Instagram. This boy is dealing with a serious illness that, unfortunately, is very expensive to treat. Cystic Fibrosis is a mutation on a gene that changes the protein that regulates salt’s movement on the cells. The result is very thick mucus on the respiratory, digestive, and reproductive systems. Antolin has been in the hospital for 25 days, and a lung transplant is urgently needed. Antolin is currently asking for donations, so we are asking our readers, if they want and can, please enter the following link to donate to this cause:


2. Downtown Women's Center

The Downtown Women’s Center is the only organization in Los Angeles focused exclusively on serving and empowering women experiencing homelessness and formerly homeless women. DWC is built on a friendship that grew between an outreach worker named Jill Halverson and Rosa, a woman experiencing homelessness at the time. This friendship inspired Jill to open DWC and establish a community through which the lives of women like Rosa could be restored. Unfortunately, some regular volunteering and donations efforts have been forced to stop due to COVID-19, and with the health crisis swooping the world, organizations like this one should be front and center. Your donations can provide meals, health, and safety to one woman for one week, or you can also give gift cards to grocery stores. Women’s homelessness ends with you. We urge you to check their webpage to find out more:


3.Fundación Carol AC

Fundacion Carol is a non-profit organization located in Cordoba, Veracruz and in Mexico City. It was founded in October 1998 in the city of Cordoba, Mexico by Mrs. Inmaculada Fernández Cavada and her husband Jaime Porres Bueno, to solve kids’ necessities with Down Syndrome and Chromosomal alteration like the one their daughter, Carol, has. The organization focuses on finding resources to keep offering educational services to kids with these conditions and to find kids that need these types of services. Today, the organization works with about 100 families of low resources from different regions of Veracruz, giving them therapy like psychomotor development, lectures, and multisensorial room activities.

Their current purpose is to provide specialized attention to more kids with down syndrome with the hopes that their quality of life can be improved and avoid the abandonment and decrease their mortality rates. They want to develop their intellectual and physical attributes to create independent people that can join our society. They also support single mothers with Down Syndrome kids. For more information, we’ll leave you their official webpage link .

This organization is currently accepting donations to improve its services and reach more people. If you want to donate, we’ll leave you the link here:


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