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Music Visionary, Yung Smilez

Yung Smilez describes himself purely as an Artist and is not tied to the limitation of any specific genre or influence. For this reason, Yung Smilez’s musical catalog is actually quite diverse, as he is always drawing inspiration with new perspectives. Yung Smilez has a focus on creating punchy and innovative music, inspired by his own unique authentic life experience.

Growing up in a musical family allowed Yung Smilez to experience a multitude of genres ranging from Gospel, R&B ballads, to Pop. Being the middle child of his seven brothers, they would all sing in his family’s church since before he was able to make his very first steps! It’s only natural that he developed a strong musical voice of his own, and his songs are very distinctive.

Yung Smilez has a soaring voice, which cuts through the mix with energy and passion. His impeccable songwriting skills allow him to turn real-world narratives into lyrics that are easily relatable, yet connect with his audience on a deeper level.

Hi Yung Smilez! We are excited to interview you for Heart of Hollywood Magazine! What have you been up to these days?

I’ve been working on a lot of music and making sure I stay creative in everything that I do!

Congratulations on becoming a parent. What has parenthood been like for you?