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Michigan’s Third Annual Hispanic Festival


The Centro Cultural Hispano is proud to announce it will be staging its Third annual Hispanic Festival on October 9 & 10, 2021, in Ferndale, Michigan. Due to the pandemic and following the CDC recommendations to prevent the spread of covid19 the festival will take place on an open area that allows social distancing and still have fun, we also are going to be able to share the event in our virtual platforms on Facebook and Youtube.

The Centro Cultural Hispano is a non-profit community-based Hispanic Cultural Organization founded in January of 2019 in Ferndale. Its goal is to promote and maintain Hispanic cultures and traditions in Metro Detroit as long as brings the community together.

With the Hispanic community in Metro Detroit growing, we are proud to announce a festival that allows for celebration, sharing, and teaching of the colors, zest, and warmth of our people. We take pride in keeping alive our culture, language, and heritage so it may continue to grow for generations to come here in Michigan.

The festival will include art displays, dance, folk costumes, and other exhibitions for all ages and ethnicities. It will also include not just great food from local food trucks, but lessons in Gastronomy which is the art of choosing, cooking, and eating, and how it relates to the culture.

It will also host:

* A 3K Run for kids

* A presentation of the Hispanic Leaders in Detroit Metro Area as a way to promote and celebrate our people and culture in the community.

* The afternoon of displays, dance, food, costumes.

* A mini soccer tournament on October 10th Copa Hispana

We are also seeking additional exhibitors who may be interested in displaying at the festival.

Proceeds from the festival will go to the building of a soccer field in the area. The Third Annual Hispanic Festival is scheduled for October 9 and 10th 2021 and will be expanded to include a sharing of a variety of important programs and classes that the Hispanic Community shares.

For additional information or reservations, please contact: Ara De La Mora at or T. 740.578.9121 C. 248 622.38.96

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