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Meet Performance Coach, Dragan Trajkovski

What if we chose to appreciate every moment as if it were our last?

By Ellen Frazer Jameson

Tony Robbins, is known as the nation’s top life and business strategist. He is often called the greatest motivational speaker on the planet and he has coached millions of people in 100 countries in the art of living a better life. His best-selling books include Unlimited

Power and Awaken the Giant Within.

“If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always gotten”

Performance coach, Miami-based, Dragan Trajkovski, decided as an 18-year old immigrant, whose family hardly spoke English to model himself on his hero, Tony. A North Californian, Tony turned his own life around from being a broke janitor at 17, to a famous

international speaker in his mid 20’s.

Dragan set as his first goal that he wanted to work for the Anthony Robbins company and learn everything he could from the master.

Now, some 14 years later, Dragan has partnered with Tony to deliver over 2,500 seminars to top businesses and global organizations.

Dragan, whom Tony calls, Dragan Slayer, is a Worldwide Strategist trusted and mentored by Tony to deliver his high energy brand of Peak Performance Strategies.

“Identify your problems but give power and energy to solutions”

But, Dragan admits, he did not always embrace his Peak Performance. While he tried to find a meaningful role and career path, he suffered from esteem issues with his Eastern

European background and limited resources. The Dragan Slayer refused to embrace his birth name and instead called himself, David. Thinking that by staying below the radar with an everyday name, he would not need to expect too much of himself. And neither would other people expect too much from such an unassuming individual.

Tony Robbin convinced him that a reclaimed “Dragan” would roar into life and become an extraordinary person who did not be need to be afraid to show his full power and strength.

“It’s not knowing what to do, it’s doing what you know”

Dragan is on a mission to train and empower people who are committed to living up to their potential. In Peak Performance Strategy sessions he lays out the structure for change.

“If your life is underperforming and you don’t change it, you’re choosing it. You are growing and adapting or dying,“ he stresses.

A transformative aspect of the Tony Robbins, motivational Seminars is Fire Walking. A barefoot walk over red-hot coals.

“Don’t try this at home, “ Dragan jokes, “ you need the training and confidence to believe you can do it. Then you will.“

Dragan certainly knows how to inspire confidence in his audience and urges the gathered businessmen, executives and realtor newbies at a lunchtime Strategy Session in the luxury real estate offices of Aria Reserve, Miami, to “Live with Passion.”

Dragan, who talks super-fast and constantly circles around the Room as he encourages attendees, “You need to put energy into everything you do.”

One compelling reason for thinking big and making dreams outsize is that every time you underplay your potential, you leave money on the table and the next guy along can pick up your best deal or sell your real estate.

“Energy is limitless when you learn to overcome the fear and harness it,” he states. “

It’s your job to combine the three elements of mental, emotional and physical and become a force to be reckoned with. Bet on Yourself. Invest in Yourself. Grow Yourself.”

Dragan offers a strategy.


identify POTENTIAL– take Action and


“Now is the time to reset the outmoded operating system in your heart, mind and body. If you are using the oldest version of Windows, you are not up to speed. Close down that outdated system and start firing on state-of-the-state software.”

After igniting energy levels in his newly motivated audience, Dragan Slayer makes a speedy exit out into the red-hot heat of a Miami summer afternoon. With his last fiery breath, he demands.

“If you became aware today, act fast, there is no time to lose.”


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