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Margaret Bihong Sha: Movie in the Making

“See Me Once More, My Dear Kid”

"See Me Once More, My Dear Kid" is a feature-length film currently in post-production. The film is set against the backdrop of the high school mass shooting of February 14, 2018 in Parkland, Florida, resulting in 17 deaths and 14 people injured. Among the victims was Peter Wang, a 16-year-old Chinese American student who was shot and killed while helping his classmates escape.

Filmmaker Margaret Bihong Sha was writing at a café in West Hollywood when she read the news of the school shooting. Heartbroken over the young lives lost to the tragedy and

their families who suffered unimaginable losses, Margaret vowed to tell this story through film. She put aside all other projects and began screenwriting for the movie with Elizabeth Wang.

During the process of bringing the film to life, Margaret and her key cast members visited Peter Wang’s parents and relatives in Parkland city and spoke with the local residents. Being a documentarist, TV series director, and scriptwriter for more than 20 years, Margaret thrives on fictional storytelling based on true events. Some of her most acclaimed works include “Tears in Heaven”, a 11-part docuseries and “Care for the World”, China’s first documentary spotlighting the trafficking of women and children, for which she spent a year saving trapped women and kids around China with the police. Later, Margaret adapted the true events surrounding her non-fiction works into a 26-episode narrative TV series titled “I Am No Lamb / Flowers Bloom Once Again”. Established media publications now hail Margaret as China’s first director and writer to give literary prominence to the discourse on women and children trafficking. The TV series broke viewership records in more than 10 province and regions across China, surpassing TV series that starred A-list actors. The TV series was among the highest profile at that year’s Beijing International Film Festival and was the first to be sold at the market then.

Margaret’s strengths in externalizing her characters’ inner turmoil and desires continue to flourish in her new film. Leveraging Margaret’s ability to create deep emotional resonance, "See Me Once More, My Dear Kid" will strike a chord with every audience member who is drawn to the soulful experience of empathizing with the characters on screen.

It is Margaret’s sincere hope to commemorate the tragic events and to honor the victims through this film – especially the heroic actions of Peter Wang, who sacrificed his life while trying to protect others. Meanwhile, Margaret dedicates this film to the mothers and families who suffered devastating losses and who are in need of emotional healing.

Margaret thinks the mission of an artist is too "shed a light on humanity’s heart".

'It is by brightening up the loneliness and despair that we acquire the strengths to carry on'.

"See Me Once More, My Dear Kid" is Margaret Bihong Sha’s first feature-length narrative film. The rough cut is already heart-touching. The film has wrapped editing. France-based composer Guy Renardeau is currently working on the music for the film with Chinese composer Jianguo Wan responsible for the traditional Chinese music in the film along with sound design.

Due to the pandemic, the making of this film had met many challenges and obstacles, but it was blessed with the support from Margaret’s film/TV industry friends from mainland China, Hong Kong, Germany, France, and America. Everyone onboard came with tremendous empathy and compassion despite the difficulties that came along during the pandemic period.

According to Ms. Sha, the film is on track to complete post-production by November 2022. Her plan is to seek worldwide distribution, leveraging the prowess of established international distributors to give this film more visibility and a broader reach.

Margaret would like to thank Ms. Giovanna Salas and Heart of Hollywood for the support. She also thanks every member of her crew. They continue to work hard in order to put out another beautiful film!

Margaret Bihong Sha, a gold-award winning director, writer, producer, TV Talk

Show Host and Poet. She was interviewed by MCM in America 2019.

Margaret Bihong Sha has made about 100 documentaries, TV series and short

films throughout Asia, Europe and North America.

Poster of Margaret Bihong Sha's 11-part (550 minutes) documentary "The Tears of Heaven", China's first documentary focusing on abducted women and children.

Margaret Bihong Sha led four camera crews following the police for nearly a year to film the rescue. She then had the crew follow, film and interview traffickers and buyers.

Almost all the mainstream media reported her shooting action, as she had written a diary full of notes regarding her captures, soon to be published.

Posters for Margaret Bihong Sha‘s 26-episode TV-series "I Am Not Lamb", China's first television series to focus on the fate of abducted women and children. It resulted in high ratings, capturing audiences of more than a dozen provinces and regions in China.

A poster of "See Me Once More, My Dear Kid". Margaret Bihong Sha's first independent directed feature film. She co-wrote the screen play with Elizabeth Geyang Wang.

Before filming the car scene, Director Margaret Bihong Sha, lead actress Xinyu Wang and cameraman Yi Dai.

Margaret Bihong Sha and director Christina Kahlert have worked together to shoot the advertising campaign film (TV) for BMW, ADIDAS and MAN etc...

About Margaret Bihong Sha:

As an outstanding artist, Margaret Bihong Sha came to the United States many years ago and began her path within film. Before then, she was a famous talk show host and an accomplished director, writer, poet, producer, and screenwriter in China. In the course of her career, Margaret has won over thirty domestic and international awards and recognitions, including the "gold award" of the China Radio Television Awards.

“Tell A Story”, a talk show that Margaret hosted once occupied one of the highest viewership in China for many years, the TV series “I Am No Lamb / Flowers Bloom Once Again” broke the highest viewership records in more than a dozen provinces and cities in China.

Margaret is also a bestselling novelist and a role model for women readers and there audiences. Her novel “Wandering Souls” was hailed one of the most thoughtful literary works of the century, and was included in the “21st Century Chinese Literature and History Archive” and the National Library of China. Over a hundred publications and new media outlets have interviewed Margaret or wrote feature stories on her career work, including TV Festival de Cannes, Sound of Germany, Italian media, and Montgomery County Media, etc.

Join The Club

Margaret Bihong Sha is a trailblazer in China’s directing and writing spaces. She was the first director to shoot a documentary and TV series about human trafficking, saving trapped women and children with the police. In addition, she led four camera crews that spent months tracking and interviewing traffickers and buyers. With this, Margaret became China’s first director and writer to give TV and literary prominence to the discourse on trafficking of women and children.

Margaret Bihong Sha was the first director and script writer to shed a spotlight on girls in the mountainous regions of China who cannot afford an education. Through her documentary “The Dream for Generations of Women”, Margaret facilitated the Spring Buds Education Aid Project under the China Children and Teenagers’ Fund, making waves across the nation that inspired unprecedented donations and aided tens of thousands of girls who wouldn’t otherwise have afforded to attend school. The documentary was voted unanimously to receive First Prize of the China Radio Television Awards.

As the first director and reporter to focus her lens on city children without access to education, Margaret drew government attention with her documentary “Go to School or Wander ?!”, which motivated the government to test out a policy granting access and rights to receive basic education for underprivileged city children. Margaret was also the first director and screenwriter to spotlight the education of orphaned children in China.

The movie she wrote, "Holding the Hand of Dream" produced by the China Film Group, received great critical-acclaim in China.

Women and the underprivileged communities are central to Margaret’s works. Her art is driven by love and compassion, and propelled by deeply affecting emotional impact. Her strengths lie in externalizing her characters’ inner emotions and hopes. Margaret has more than 20 years of directing work under her belt having travelled across Asia, Europe, and North America to document and tell meaningful stories. Her works have garnered a myriad of international awards, and she has served on the jury of international film festivals. Margaret founded the Hollywood International Women Arts Allianc(Chairman)and she also one of the founders for the Montgomery International Film Festival(Co-Chairman), both aiming to provide a platform for emerging filmmakers around the globe.

Throughout the next decade, Margaret Bihong Sha will solely focus on filmmaking.




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