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When The World Shut Down

Updated: Mar 29, 2023

By Giovanna Salas

The world shut down and a new sun came down, warming all hearts, and there was a new beginning.

Everyone was afraid in the dark where the shadows where surviving, where madness was nesting and hope was waiting for a miracle to happen. Silence drifted from the air, city to city and no voice was allowed, but suddenly the birds started singing in their tall containment balconies, and the world was able to hear music that sparked a flame of hope in their desperate hearts, then they felt the rays of sun and everyone started to wake up from the dark dream.

The inhabitants of the new world remembered the times when they hurt their loved ones and held their blades of war. There was no external enemy to fight. They were the survivors.As their eyes were opening, contemplating the brightness of the day, they also remembered the drums of wisdom, bringing memories of compassion and kindness. The world was, for once, able to speak one same language. They were now free, they shared their tears, and spiritual food was circulating throughout their bodies.

From a distance, the challenge was emerging. New ways had to be found in order to continue living with or without the disease brought from the unknown. Vulnerability was still in the corner, powerless, with trapped eyes to witness what the youth of the future would do. As the light was going down, contrasting the architectures of the world, the moon embraced them, making the children laugh as they were trying to count the stars.

When the moon goes to sleep, a new sun will come down once again to speak to our hearts in the language of love. Share your love, stay strong, and be the future for all of us.

I wrote this hoping to cheer you up

Your friend, always, Giovanna Salas

Giovanna Salas

CEO/Filmmaker Consultant 

Heart Of Hollywood Motion Pictures 

PO Box 5953 Beverly Hills,

CA 90209, United States

(323) 705 - 2111

Heart Of Hollywood Motion Pictures is known for being inclusive and promoting multicultural diversity.

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