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Lumiere Runway by Meler Productions hosted this eagerly awaited fashion showcase featuring the latest collections of local established designers including High Status Co., Alien Earth Designs, Jonathan Marc Stein, Verita Couture & Smock Me with Creative Director, Shannon K. Behind the scenes, the Michael Vincent Academy was behind the makeup on all the models showcasing these designs. Special thanks go out to Tal B and Michael Vincent of the Academy!

Photography by: Jeff Linett

Over 150 guests enjoyed Royal Moroccan Palace evening fit for the stars with scrumptious five-star food from Savory Roads Catering, a vibrant red carpet and an eloquently stocked bar completed by beverage sponsor, Loft and Bear & Chapter 38.

Photography by: Jeff Linett

Guests attended the show at Stanley Social. They enjoyed the musical and runway talents of some of California’s best talent, including Mac Glitzy, Bonavega & Tori Kay.

Photography by: Jeff Linett

Five percent of all proceeds from the event went to the local charity Kaimore, which works to empower at-risk and high-risk youth and young adults to help them heal and thrive.

Another exceptional and vivacious talent in attendance included:

Caitlin O’Connor, Influencer

Marc Gueco, Infleuncer

Alessia Vernazza, Actress

Sasha Kerbel, Actress

Massi Furlan, Actor

Liz Fuller, Citizen Skull Production Agent

Antonia Tong, Film Producer

Jack Biden, Film Producer

Producer and Executive Producer many top Hollywood movies: Of Reign Over Me ( starring Adam Sandler), The Upside of Anger (starring Kevin Costner and Joan Allen, Man about Town ( starring Ben Affleck ),

Tomorrow ( starring Sebastian Street ) and many more

Rachelle Henry, Actress

Joyce Lam, Founder of Kaimore

Photography by: Jeff Linett

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Kevin Clark
Kevin Clark
14 feb 2022

Wow Cool Looking Designs !

Me gusta
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