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Updated: Feb 8, 2022

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Edited by “Kaillup”

No. 1

The ruler of Krell, Sikconoff the Cruel, laid siege upon the peaceful trade vessel Elderidge, a mighty Sanabrian ship, and took its crew hostage. Three ships attacked the great ship, set it on fire, and left it ablaze before it sank to the bottom of the sea. The three kings of Sanabria held a secret council and decided to avenge the fallen by invading Krell, destroying their ships, and rescuing the hostages. A group of Knights First Class designed plans for the invasion, and, early last summer, the three kings commissioned three large ships—the Arviggon, the Belleridge, and the Gyteria—to load aboard an ample supply of weapons, sailors, knights, and officers and set sail for Krell. Upon arrival, the Sanabrians demolished Sikconoff’s ships docked in Port Dombaro and ravaged the prison camps on the outskirts of Rynasty Village. The bloodshed of men on the enemy’s side was high while fewer deaths befell the Sanabrians. The secret raid had been a swift success.

A tiny island, barely visible off the shore of Rynasty, was overrun by the Sanabrians, and its beaches were used as a command post for further missions. Camps were set upon the beaches for their soldiers—mostly the Warlynians—while sailors and knights—mostly the Sheehanians and the Medenaians—lived and worked aboard ships. A fortnight passed, and spies confirmed that a Krellian vessel had mysteriously vanished, right before the Sanabrians arrived. The missing ship had been docked with the other enemy ships in Port Dombaro, and spies also discovered that some of their people were still held captive deeper inland in the wild. Thus the Sanabrians’ stay at the tiny island was prolonged. For almost one whole year, the Sanabrians remained there to attempt further raids and rescue missions. They set up watch posts, ready to fend off any attack that might come, and made their plans. Three raids were attempted, and each time a mission was launched, the Sanabrians were unable to penetrate Sikconoff’s inner camp deep in the wild. Among the valiant men who stayed were two courageous skilled knights, and not only were these two determined leaders, they were princes of Sanabria: Christoph son of Sheehan and Jossiph son of Warlyn.