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Kenan Thompson Resumes Nationwide Talent Search, Adding Virtual Reality and a Hologram to the Hunt

Updated: Sep 26, 2022

By Tammie Peterson

Comedian and “SNL” veteran Kenan Thompson was back on stage Thursday night in Atlanta, kicking off the 13th edition of his “Kenan Presents The Ultimate Comedy Showcase” — and this time with a technological surprise!

Kenan Thompson’s “Ultimate Comedy Experience” Returns Nationwide…..Adding Virtual Reality and a Hologram to the Hunt!—First Stop “ATLANTA"

Photo Credit: Tammie Peterson, Atlanta Photographer

The stand-up comedy search, which lead off at the Atlanta Comedy Theatre on Sept. 22, follows Thompson as he scouts for adult comedians and talented kids in more than 50 cities. Among the new elements, all around the country (50+ major cities). I had the wonderful opportunity and pleasure to be the Photographer for this exciting event and capture images of the talented and up and coming Comedians.

Join The Club

Thompson has teamed up with Rendered Talent to include a virtual reality option for participants to partake in the metaverse through the “Failed To Render Comedy Club.” In addition, Thompson partnered with Proto to be able to join live shows through the metaverse as a digital hologram, attending showcases digitally to accommodate his busy schedule via Proto’s 4K hologram.

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Halas Wilbourn
Halas Wilbourn
Sep 25, 2022

Everyday you wake up you have a chance,opportunity and a choice to make it happen!

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