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Legal Advisor Joanne E. Singleton and Her Path as an Author

Careers and professions related to law are often complicated, stressful and absorbing. Well, they say that lawyers usually leave you penniless, but who would want to attend court three times a week? Men, and women, of the law are committed people, people who investigate and enjoy working in the field; people who are not only average but are in search of more.

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For writer and legal advisor Joanne E. Singleton, a life dedicated to the legal framework was not enough. For 35 years, Joanne never stopped looking for new challenges and job opportunities, and it is now that she has finished writing her first book, Daughter Of Kate, a novel that tells the story of Sara, who after having lived a difficult childhood within a dysfunctional family, decides to leave home and venture into an unknown world.

After years of working in the legal field and starting from the bottom, Joanne grew and created her own path, up until today. She became Office Manager and Designated Paralegal at Hanson & Co Lawyers. This happened thanks to her understanding of the client's psychology, her in-depth understanding of the problems, and the delivery of a forceful and objective point of view in each of her cases. Her beliefs led her to find a new passion in life: writing. A profession that has given the satisfaction and happiness that she had so longed for.


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Throughout her life as a writer, Joanne has participated as a co-author on books that seek to help and heal people. For the book A Journey of Riches: The Attitude of Gratitude, Joanne decided to share a positive message for life: be grateful in every way every day, no matter what comes your way.

Her recognition led her to participate in the same way, as co-author, in its successor, A Journey of Riches: Messages from the Heart, a book that encompasses a multitude of expressions of messages from the heart. It ends every teaching with the legend: "Try not to let life get in the way of what's important.”

Her model of life and her appreciation for the little things that make us live are just part of how persistent and intelligent Joanne is as a person. She never stops dreaming and wondering what the next day holds in store for her.

“My dream would be to have Daughter Of Kate on the screen, as it would resonate with so many people in the world today”, she says. “My dream is also to continue creating and to be a speaker. I am an entrepreneur at heart, with my children being my heartfelt inspiration.” / / twitter@Joanne Singleton /

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