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J.Morebuks: Crafting A Legacy Beyond The Spotlight

Happy Black History Month! In the spirit of celebrating this profound occasion, we sat down with the incredibly talented actor Ja-vell (J. Morebuks) Smith to delve into what Black history means to him and how he embraces it every single day. We are thrilled to present this talented music artist and actor who is creating a profound entertainment legacy and also shines outside of the spotlight.

Happy Black History Month! What does this time mean to you and how do you celebrate it?

J. Morebuks: To me Black history is 365 25/8 I feel we should always educate and celebrate our history and heritage.

What Black entertainers have inspired you and why?

J. Morebuks: Langston Hughes, Denzel Washington, Marvin Gaye, and Walter Mosley, are some of my earliest influences because of the passion for the arts and their contributions made as a result.

How does it feel to have a massive range of songs and films on your resume?

J. Morebuks: I find it fulfilling to be able to capture a broad range of artistic talents and create something that will appeal to a diverse audience.

What impact do you want to make in entertainment as a beloved music artist and actor?

J. Morebuks: Eventually I would like to be able to create a platform or resource for aspiring artists and/or writers as well as designers to be able to hone in on their creative ideas and skills and learn the business.


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What creative endeavors have brought you the most joy and why?

J. Morebuks: Early in my career I had the pleasure of working with Hassan Johnson on a project. One day I was late getting to location for whatever reason and out of nowhere I got a knock on the door. It was Hassan and the director we discussed not only how talented I am but also how I disappointed him by taking the opportunity for granted. That conversation resonates with me to this day. I am forever grateful for that moment.

Outside of being an entertainer, what else are you passionate about?

J. Morebuks: Outside of being an entertainer I’m very passionate about personal growth and development and leading by example because I have the ability to be an productive role model

As you continue your creative journey, who would you like to thank for supporting you over the years?

J. Morebuks: I would like to first thank the most high for allowing this to be possible. Thanks to my friends and loved ones for supporting me through this journey as well as all my followers I would also like to thank you and Heart of Hollywood for this amazing opportunity.

What else would you like to share with our readers?

J. Morebuks: To say the least I’m very busy working on upcoming endeavors and have recently talked about collaborating with a couple of people that have been in the industry for a while and I’m excited to see what we come up with from these opportunities.

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