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By Danielle Dufour-Verna

Around the world it’s COVID time. We are upset, tired, exhausted. The sun is shining and the sea ripples under the silvery reflections of the moon, but the shadow of fear hovers and reminds man that he is weak and helpless. What makes humanity strong is fighting and hoping for a better day. Writers, musicians, and poets show us the way. Let's listen to them and dream along with them.

Today I am taking you to a land of art and light, a land of music and song. More specifically, follow me to meet two young people who live in the shadow of the most active volcano on the planet: Etna. Here, the earth is black under the orange and lemon trees. Here, Baroque monuments made from black stone are under a fiery sky. Here, in the summer a special type of wind blows. A wind, the sirocco, that steals the mind. Here, Polyphemus took up residence, and so did Empedocles. Ulysses and Plato set foot on it. This is from where Sciascia and Pirandello rose… we are in Sicily, a land rich in cultural heritage, where love is shared by gods and humans.

Who doesn't like Italian songs? And singers of Italian origin? Remember our golden voices: Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, il jazz of Nick LaRocca, Louis Prima, and more. The songs are extraordinary, from Buona Sera Signorina, to Volare, sung by an inspired Domenico Modugno, from “Nel blu dipinto di blu” to Laura Pausini’s “Marco se n'è andato e non ritorna più,” not to mention Paolo Conte’s “Vieni, vieni, vieni via con me.” Lucio Dalla and Pavarotti sang Caruso; Umberto Tozzi, Ti Amo, and there are many other famous songs, including Bella Ciao, which is not to be missed.

A Song on the Radio

A few weeks ago, a French radio station played the first song by Italian group Diesis. In Greece, Diesis means a small interval, the smallest in the musical system.

Normally, it’s hard to remember a song after you have only heard it once. To hum it, you need to have heard it several times. This is not the case with Stories, which immediately attracted attention. It’s a gift that belongs to the great. Because of the originality of the lyrics, the beauty of the melody, and the fresh quality of the concept, we wanted our readers to learn who is behind Diesis.

Two singer-songwriter brothers

Their names are Cristian and Ivan, and they are 22 and 27 years old, respectively. They live at the foot of the majestic and mythical Etna, the volcano in sunny Sicily. Poetry is in their blood. We know that this land, loved by Virgil, gave rise to Pindar, to Theocritus, born in Syracuse, and, more recently, to Giovanni Verga, Salvatore Quasimodo, Pirandello, Sciascia…

They are brothers who have been music lovers and musicians since their earliest childhood; two young music enthusiasts. Enthusiastic, but still modest despite their dazzling success in the peninsula. A success that has crossed the border. Could it be their radiant youth? Could it be the fire of Etna running through their veins? Could it be their love for this island, rich in cultural heritage, rich as to nature, rich because of those who inhabit it? Could it be the ardor of Tarentella? Could it be all of this that inspires their lyrics, their melodies, their rhythms? Or is it just the talent?

Future Concert in Marseille

We contacted them and asked these questions.

“None of that, or maybe a little bit of everything,” they laugh. “We are Italians, Sicilians, and we are attached to our land, but we feel that we are citizens of the world. Above all, what inspires us is the love, the deep attachment we have toward our family and among brothers. It inspires us and it carries us. Stories is the first song from our future album. The success was immediate on all social networks. We were contacted by the press. Several articles have already appeared, and they unanimously welcome the arrival of our group to the current musical realm. The second song, Voglio Partire, takes the same path. We have over 35,000 views, for the two songs combined. And, to top it off, there’s a concert planned. It’s set to take place in Marseille in September or October 2020. The exact date and location remain to be defined,” they say.

Italians have a charming smile that can be perceived even over the phone. These two brothers are charming, but also humble. They are filled with enthusiasm and confidence in the future. They know they are operating in a difficult environment and that only continuous and serious work will allow them to cement their nascent success.

With pop, disco, and reggae influences, their songs offer intelligent, touching lyrics. They are tender, filled with poetry, refreshing. Real testimonies of the wonderful youth of today, they are a breath of hope in a summer where the specter of COVID-19 haunts people's minds. Who do they admire? Robbie Williams, Michael Jackson...

Two Unforgettable Songs

Stories: “You are like the flame of the lighters that accompany the artist. Watch out for the accents of your darkest dreams. ” “You know, you know what makes your skin so soft. You pose on Instagram. I would like to give you unforgettable moments of madness… ” “And when you read these romantic poetry novels, you are so beautiful at this moment, I just want you to be mine, forever, forever in my arms (E quando leggi quei romanzi di romantica poesia, sei cosi bella in quell’istante vorrei solo fossi mi, per semper, per semper tra le mie braccia).”

Stories is the title of the song. These are short moments of life gleaned from social networks, mirrored, like so many clichés. A pop melody, a hint of polyphony. A voice and instruments: piano, drums, electric guitar, violins, trumpets, xylophone. The lyrics follow one another, flow, intersect, juxtapose, practically without breathing, on a classic and simple melody. It’s new and very current. The brothers express intimate feelings through rhythm, sound, and images that communicate emotion. Young people recognize themselves in this first song. It talks about Instagram, but the common threads are love, gentleness. Young people recognize themselves, their lives, their hopes, their fears, the questions they ask themselves, the desire to take full advantage of the vital force that inhabits them, the desire to take the path to happiness by sprinkling it with follies, joys…

The metaphors which swarm the lyrics are messages like the many codes that young people invent, share. They have confidence in the future. They will conquer viruses, war, poverty, they are convinced of this. Young people offer hope for a better tomorrow.

Voglio Partire (I Want to Leave): This is a song for summer and it’s filled with hope.

“And now put on the belt, we'll drive for hours to enjoy this sun, to enjoy this moon.” “We'll drive very slowly, turning on every smile, I turn off iPhone and instag. This life is Paradise.” The topic of Voglio Partire rises from the hope of a joyful life, after confinement, a vision of social renewal after the terrible months that the world has gone through. But keep in mind, the message is for all young people. “This life is a paradise.” “Let's not burn it out of nightclubs, don't burn it with beers and James Dean groceries. We young people can also experience the drunkenness watching a sunset... ”

The song tells the story of love at first sight, of summer love, supported by playful, dynamic music. It is a story with many facets, double meanings; exhilaration, the encouragement to leave and start over, to allow everyone to reflect, to exteriorize their sensations, to let off steam. All of this from a song that keeps running through your head, that you hum, that you listen to while lying on the beach. It invites you to enjoy life and continue dancing.

Discover Diesis Without Delay!

“We want to be a happy interval in people's lives, a time of harmony,” say the brothers.

Follow Diesis on Instagram: https: //

Cristian and Ivan

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