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Interview With The Passion Strategist, Ayana Blount

Updated: May 30, 2022

In the midst of the pandemic, the award-winning speaker, host, coach, strategist, author, and podcaster, Ayana Blount, known professionally as The Passion Strategist, birthed her own passion project now known as The Passion Strategist Enterprises. TPS was created to build confidence and provide direction for creative entrepreneurs by providing clarity, connecting them to accountability, and developing strategies for success through teaching and creative centric coaching that uses passion to fuel action. It is the home of the Passion Strategy Academy for established visionary CEO’s and the Creative Clarity Community for emerging creative entrepreneurs. Ayana provides a safe space to learn how to stop hitting their heads and start hitting their goals.

Ayana Blount helps you to get the K.E.Y.S.™ to success, unlock the door, and unleash the winner within. She has collaborated with creatives and entrepreneurs, as well as community advocates and thought leaders to coordinate events, facilitate workshops and training seminars, and present keynote speeches and more for clients across industries using her signature Success Over Sabotage (SOS)™ strategy to define visions and execute winning outcomes. Ayana delivers knowledge-based content in an emotionally intelligent and transformational package that calls the hearer beyond limiting beliefs into limitless success.

How did the name “The Passion Strategist” come about?

As I decided to turn my pastime into a profit, I really had to sit with myself and think about what I was actually doing and how I could capture it in a way that would reflect the vision of my gift activated in the frame of a business. Being a creative and a person who lo