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Updated: Feb 17, 2022

Mark Hattas Helps Activate Optimal Workforces and Make Leaders Truly Effective

Mark Hattas, speaker, author, teacher, has a mission to support everyone in finding their path to optimal health. After building and selling a hugely successful tech company, he was diagnosed with Bipolar I disorder and told he would never be well. He didn’t believe that prognosis, and searched for solutions. Mark is now fully healthy.

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He currently supports leaders of all types and helps organizations become fully awakened, refined, and realized. Learn more about him and his activities at,, and

What is your overall philosophy for leading an organization? Every leader owes it to their organization to live in their optimal state and understand when they are "on" and when they are "off". As this is refined, intuition and other extraordinary skills consistently show up for the benefit of all team members. It is from this aligned state that leaders provide an example of innovation, leadership, and human compassion, and foster an environment for others to do the same. The tools a leader has in their arsenal to stay in alignment consistently must be learned, practiced, and shared to support an organization being at its very best consistently. A vision birthed from this optimal state and an organization that is committed to it will reach any height it can imagine. This type of organization is filled with people who trust themselves and each other. This organization works in harmony and addresses out-of-alignment issues immediately and effectively. This organization is alive.

How would you rate the importance of transparency in a CEO role? A CEO can only be as transparent with their organization as they are with themselves. A CEO aligned internally will be transparent with their organization. It is the only option in that state. Employees have choices of who they work for. Find transparent leaders.

Can you please tell us about your company’s mission and brand? We help people stay in their aligned state consistently. This optimal state is critical for life to have meaning and true happiness. We do this with people through leadership coaching, programs, books, and events that cover topics in business, mental health, and human performance.


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What is your approach to making big-picture decisions? I have a process that allows me to be in an aligned state, and if I am "off" in any way I address what is off and continue. Prayer. Meditation. Exercise. I will use whatever I am inspired in that state to use in support of a decision being optimal. There is a "knowing" that comes to me with clarity. No action on big decisions is going to be made by me until I know it is the right action for me and my organization or family. With this, I can walk with confidence and take the right action.

How do you see your company progressing in the future years? I see our organizations growing in ways that support optimal life showing up on the planet in a growing capacity. I see the good in people, often more than they see in themselves. I see a positive future that is full of life! I see working with leaders in the largest of organizations and supporting them in leading their organizations to create so much good in the world. I see us collaborating with many and impacting many. I see us having fun!

What is the most important thing to you on a professional level? Maintaining integrity, staying aligned, acting on visions, working with other people on creating something world- changing in the space of human beings living at their best consistently. Loving life and living life at its fullest. Having fun!

What is your message to our Heart Of Hollywood Magazine readers?

Within you is the optimal you waiting to come out and play, to live at your best and be the optimal being you can be. No matter your past, it is possible for you to fully live now. Your optimal being is the pure essence of the life force living within all of us. Only you can say yes to that life force and let it out.

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