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Industry Connexion Red Carpet Launch, Latinos in Hollywood: Empowering Voices and Fostering Equality

By Jessica Ross

An exciting panel discussion on Latino representation in entertainment marked the launch of Industry Connexion, an innovative online platform. Latinos' pivotal role in Hollywood was highlighted in an engaging session.

Anthony Bless. Photo credit, Paul Archuleta, Getty Images

Emilio Rivera, Anthony Bless, Diego Tinoco, Julio Macias, and professional boxer Jose Zepeda were among the actors who participated in the event at the esteemed Los Angeles Film School.

Emilio Rivera. Photo credit, Paul Archuleta, Getty Images

A live mariachi band performed at the red-carpet event coordinated by MVR Public Relations, and guests enjoyed tacos and Jarritos drinks.

Brenda Mejia. Photo credit, Paul Archuleta, Getty Images

In a moderated discussion with Power 106 Radio's Letty Peniche, the speakers shared their personal journeys into the entertainment industry.

They also tackled rarely discussed topics, such as breaking free from Hollywood stereotypes.

Letty Peniche. Photo credit, Paul Archuleta, Getty Images

Actor Emilio Rivera, well-known for his roles on FX's "Sons of Anarchy," "Mayans MC", and Hulu/Disney's "Flamin' Hot" captivated the audience of the event with his honest and humble talk. According to him, authenticity was the foundation of his career, and his roots played a large role in developing his unique persona.

Luke Lowry. Photo credit, Paul Archuleta, Getty Images

The panelists' candid responses and personal insights offered invaluable inspiration to the audience. When queried about his resilience during hard times, Anthony Bless, known for his roles in Tyler Perry's BET+ series "Ruthless" and USA Network’s “Shooter," spoke about the significance of faith, meditation, and the love from his wife. Bless, who places a strong emphasis on inclusivity, astounded many, including myself, when he insisted that "we are all the same here," despite his elevated status. He also underscored his parents' journey to America as a source of inspiration and motivation to make a change for the underrepresented in Hollywood.

Jose Zepeda . Photo credit, Paul Archuleta, Getty Images

Throughout the discussion, the panelists highlighted the challenges faced by minorities in Hollywood, while paying tribute to their Latin roots. This aspect came to the forefront when TV and radio personality also an advocate for supporting and empowering the community especially the youth Brenda Mejia asked about their vision for the future of their children.

Barbara Sanchez. Photo credit, Paul Archuleta, Getty Images

Echoing these sentiments, Industry Connexion’s CEO, Roberto Barron, highlighted his commitment to support his Latin culture and other underrepresented communities who aspire to work in entertainment.

Diego Tinoco. Photo credit, Paul Archuleta, Getty Images

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