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Updated: Nov 5, 2020

BaroQco Jewelry is reminiscent of luscious Baroque and intimate Rococo art. Designed by Eduardo and Imelda Liem, artisans from The Netherlands who are dedicated to make each high-fashion piece unique, it provides a one-of-a-kind look. This is truly Haute Couture Art jewelry.

A new beginning came when BaroQco was inspired to create a pret-a-porter line that encompassed a selection of works of art, of different styles, to highlight everything that BaroQco stands for during its Haute Couture shows in Paris and around the world.

Each piece is unique. It expresses identity within diversity.

We have created the Genesis Collection in combination with Bohemian Art stones and SWAROVKSI CRYSTALS©.

Every masterpiece in the line required careful thought. The concept design was followed by a production plan, and finally production. The pieces are plated with palladium, 24K gold or both. SWAROVKSI CRYSTALS© and Bohemian Art stones are then set in the framework, to complete the masterpiece.

This pret-a-porter collection was created because BaroQo is always striving to be different, unique. We must stand out in the crowd and let every individual who wears BaroQco feel empowered with it. Empowerment comes naturally when we feel beautiful and secure from within. “Be your inner beauty” is an idea we believe in.

BAROQCO is offering these Genesis Collection Earrings exclusively through the Heart of Hollywood Online Shop:

Heart Of Hollywood Motion Pictures is known for being inclusive and promoting multicultural diversity.

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