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Updated: Jan 4, 2021

Unique Business Model to Benefit Subscribers and Content Producers

Multimedia company Heart Of Hollywood Motion Pictures, based in Los Angeles, California, is proud to announce its own all-new Streaming Platform. Coming soon, it will offer independent and studio productions, along with livestreams, music videos and virtual premieres.

“My company started working on this platform several years ago, and now it’s time to unveil its one-of-a-kind content lineup and unique business model,” said Giovanna Salas, CEO of Heart Of Hollywood Motion Pictures, one of the few female-owned/led media and entertainment companies. “After years of planning and hard work, the dream is about to come true thanks to a large team including César Palalía, Chief Technology Officer.”


The Heart Of Hollywood Streaming Platform is designed to be user-friendly, with extraordinary resolution quality and blazing-fast speed. It provides varied content, with an emphasis on multicultural productions. Viewers of all ages, genders, races, and interests can discover something they will enjoy. As a special feature, a filter suggests curated selections for seniors who seek tasteful, interesting movies and TV shows.

Subscriptions are very affordable—4.99 a month (or 3.99 per month if a full year is prepaid). Heart Of Hollywood invites viewers to enjoy a 30-day free trial, with no credit card information required upfront and no automatic renewals or surprise charges to their account.


Independent producers, as well as studios, now have a new option for distributing movies, TV series and other types of content, including livestreams. Heart Of Hollywood Motion Pictures is currently in search of content to stream, and content creators and producers are encouraged to contact the company to learn about the business model and how they can receive revenue.

The Heart Of Hollywood Streaming Platform offers producers full transparency in regard to the amount of views and an easy-to-understand payment breakdown. Contracts are non-exclusive, thus enabling producers to keep the rights to their material and explore additional avenues of distribution and monetizing.

Viewers are able to make voluntary donations to producers, if they wish to express support in this manner.

Heart Of Hollywood currently provides complimentary promotion of projects on its social media, in its magazine, on its website and/or on its YouTube channel.

“Our streaming platform allows digital content to stream on all Internet-capable devices within the United States. Do you have a finished movie that's just been sitting in a drawer? It’s time that audiences see your movie and discover who you are”, said Giovanna Salas, Heart Of Hollywood Motion Pictures CEO.


The Heart Of Hollywood Streaming Platform has a signature offering—Virtual Premieres.

These are an exciting online version of in-person movie or TV show premieres. They might include a red carpet, and they are meant to recreate the experience of going to a theater to attend a very special screening. Tickets to Virtual Premieres are available for both subscribers and non-subscribers.

Currently, there are two Virtual Premieres scheduled:

December 23rd, 2020: Heart Of Hollywood Virtual Red Carpet - An online mega-event focused on fashion, bringing together talent and glamorous collections from Asia, Europe, and the Americas. COVID-19 caused the cancellation of countless in-person fashion events. Heart Of Hollywood then partnered with BaroQco Couture Jewelry, Midwest Fashion Week CEO Berny Martin, SCS Studio Filmz LLC and other extraordinary companies to host this red carpet in support of fashion and cinema, hosted by Fabio Rubino from France and Heart Of Hollywood CEO Giovanna Salas.

January 10th, 2021: Choose to Prevail Book Launch - Choose to Prevail by Sandy Rodriguez is an unconventional book meant to help readers deal with these challenging times, and to dramatically increase their self-confidence and sense of well-being. This truly unique launch features cocktail ideas, original rock music and international guests.

Be one of the first people to enjoy the Heart Of Hollywood Streaming Platform by contacting the company directly. Contact form: Phone: (323) 204 - 3133

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