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Heart of Hollywood Channels.

Heart of Hollywood invites its readers to get involved with our worldwide stories. Your donation will help us continue to produce these channels and support more artists in our global community.

Our available languages are English and Spanish, and our content varies greatly. You will find the talk show “Guilty by my own Desires,” which welcomes individuals who work in the entertainment industry and related fields. It aims to have an open conversation about decisions and life lessons. They encourage people to share everything that they have encountered while pursuing their burning desires.

At the same time, we will soon launch Choose to Prevail, a brand-new show. Sandy Rodriguez, author of a new book by the same title, will interview inspiring, entertaining guests who have overcome difficulties or obstacles in any aspect of life (career, romance, health, finances, etc.).

For our Spanish speaking audience, you will find content that will take you through the delicious Mexican gastronomy. On the other hand, host Gaby Balderrama offers two distinct programs. “Comparte tu corazón” is a program about altruism and helping the global community.

Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information and consider donating at the following link:

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