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Robert L. Butler Jr. Promotes Diversity in Film and Creates Truly Unique Content

When Heart Of Hollywood Magazine spoke with award-winning actor, writer, editor, and producer Robert L. Butler Jr., we further understood the value of filming. The amount of work that takes place behind the scenes is huge. Many times, the audience cannot grasp what a production involves. The realm of film, in addition to being a multimillion-dollar industry, is a dream factory. People like Robert enter that industry and then reappear with amazing projects to offer the world.

His story is extraordinary. From a very young age, he developed a strong love of cinema by watching classic action films, especially those featuring Bruce Lee. He found the fact that the Asian actor was the star quite fascinating.

It was not until 20 years later, after serving the United States Marines and reaching the position of Staff Sergeant, that Robert took back the reins of his creativity. He pushed himself to then devote his life to what he always wanted: acting.

After trying his luck in the industry, Rob decided to go on his own journey. He then launched his own productions for YouTube and Facebook, wrote, acted edited and directed 5 short films, that made him gain enough popularity, which in turn led to his participation in TV series such as Grey's Anatomy and Station19, in extra roles.


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Although he was finally fulfilling his goals, Robert was not satisfied. His passion demanded more of him, so he chose to sit down and write what would become his debut feature called The Alliance. This film, which he financed by himself, led him to win an astounding 139 awards and 90 nominations at some of the most renowned film festivals of the world, most notable a finalist at the 2019 Cannes Screenwriting Contest.

This is the story of a man who, regardless of adversity, context or age, shows that perseverance and the pursuit of dreams are the strongest motivations one can have. A story that inspires, that continues growing and that will keep surprising audiences in the coming months.

Robert, what sets you apart from others, and what do you love about what you do?

What sets me apart from other filmmakers in the Seattle area is that I have diversity in all my films. I give opportunities to all nationalities. When I write, I do not define my characters by a specific race, as most filmmakers do. What I love the most is creating interesting original content. I am not afraid to push the envelope. I want my audience to be shocked and entertained. I want to keep them guessing.

How did you get to where you are today?

I got where I am by hard work, dedication, and not believing the naysayers. I used their negative comments to fuel my desire to prove them wrong. My motto is "The more you hate, the more I create!"

What's your dream? Do you feel like you're on the path toward it, or do you feel as if you already achieved it?

I fulfilled my dream by writing, acting, editing, producing, and directing my first full feature film The Alliance, and winning over 139 awards and 90 nominations, in addition to a distribution deal, but I am far from done! I am now working on a sequel called The Alliance 2: The Hunt for Breeze. My ultimate goal is to continue creating original content, more films with diversity, and mentoring and developing projects with other actors and screenwriters.

Name: Robert L. Butler Jr.

Phone Number:(253) 250-7848

Social Media:IG: @robertlbutlerjr @the_alliance_2019 @thealliance2_2021 @we_need_to_talk_movie_ @real_love_a_film_by_rlb_jr


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