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Global Speaker and Veteran Loren Michaels Harris to Host Star Studded Power of We Symposium in Chica

Loren Michaels Harris recently announced the dates for his noted Power of We Symposium. This unique event will be held on April 28th, 2022 at the Stan Mansion. It services 250+ student youth leaders from some of the toughest neighborhoods in Chicago. The Power of We has a star studded lineup of presenters to include: - Dr Walt Whitman and the Grammy winning Soul Children of Chicago Choir - Table Tennis champion Wally Green - HULU TV star The Donovan Vernon - Keynote presentation by Tanya Wiley Brown, founder of WCP Consulting and Communications

The event will feature a Q and A with each presenter, a free swag bag for all attendees, musical performances, speaking presentations, and more. Sponsorship opportunities are available for attendees in which a sponsor donates $250 to provide photo shoot, meal, plus cost of ticket for a teen leader.