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Gilda Garza, Petrossian Host Exclusive Event at F.P Journe in Hollywood

By Jessica Ross

Laurent Journe and Gilda Garza . Photo credit

On February 22nd, Kings and Queens Petrossian hosted a special celebration at F.P. Journe Los Angeles.

Laurent Journe, brother of the best living watchmaker in the world Françoise-Paul Journe and artist Gilda Garza presenting F. P. Journe KING, the painting was a commission by the iconic boutique to the most influential artist in Mexico, Gilda Garza, where they presented to the collectors and they enjoyed the art and one of the best caviars of the world, Petrossian, nothing says luxury quite like a spoonful of caviar that sends folks into a delight.

F.P. Journe addresses the push and pull between perfecting a historical craft and looking to the future. Crafting some of the rarest and most exclusive timepieces in the world, F.P. Journe gives collectors access to living history. The workshop’s annual production of 800 to 900 watches a year ensures exceptional exclusivity, regardless of the model selection. Journe Sold for Over $1 Million at Auction. F.P Journe sure knows how to create a watch that breaks expectations. The company designed a custom Chronomètre Optimum specifically for the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation's Ball in Monaco, held for the first time since 2018.

It is often regarded as the best known “indie” brand in the watch making space. Its phenomenal commercial success has made it the darling of watch collectors. owning an F.P. Journe timepiece would be a dream come true for many watch lovers.

Xavier Hufkens, Laurent Journe , Gilda Garza

Considered one of Mexico’s most influential artists, Gilda Garza has been officially recognized for her cultural contributions by the Senate of the Republic constitutionally Chamber of Senators of the Honorable Congress of the Union in Mexico City. She is also acclaimed for donating $80,000 from the sale of a Vice President Kamala Harris-inspired painting to the World Woman Foundation where she is Advisory Council and committed to empowering one million women by 2030. The award-winning Mexican paintings have been featured on the cover of Playboy magazine, engraved on Roberto Cavalli Haute Couture, displayed at the House of Bijan on Rodeo Drive and in a collaborative fine jewelry collection by Jason of Beverly Hills. Her artwork had been also featured a special 6ft “Kings & Queens” painting in the center of Two Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills, outside of Audemars Piguet during the Holidays 2022-2023, now Gilda Garza is working with Murano Glass on a collaboration, the glass sculptures inspired in her iconic Kings and Queens collection are exhibiting in the city of water, Venice , Italy.

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