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Five must-have accessories of 2021

Updated: Jan 21, 2021

As essential as accessories are, they are sometimes overlooked, even by the best of us. An ok dress may become a fabulous dress by using the right shoes or by complementing it with a set of jewelry. I think it’s fair to say that a look is not complete until we add those small details and touches that fully express our own personal style. With that in mind, let’s jump right in and look at the must-have accessories for this year.

1.Comfy Footwear

Covid-19 brought a whole lot of change to everyone’s life. We switched to working from home and almost exclusively ordering take-out for dinner. So it’s not a surprise that shoes also went through a slight transformation: high-heels are out, and sneakers are in. What is even more trendy than sneakers are stylish slippers designed to feel as comfortable as you do in your home. However, for the warm seasons, you can expect low-heel sandals to become very popular.

From left to right: Louis Vuitton Photo: Armando Grillo/ Gabriela Hearst Photo: Alessandro Lucioni

2.Chain Necklace

Whatever the weather, whatever the occasion, the chunky metallic chain is back to stay, at least, for a little while. Oversize jewelry dominated fashion week, and stars like Kristen Stewart, Hailey Bieber, and Victoria Pedretti have also sported this fierce trend. The statement piece works well with several styles, from a v-neck blouse to a power-suit; the necklace will emphasize your skin and the entire outfit.

From left to right: / Instagram/haileybieber

3.Mini Bags

Once again, the pandemic had a bit of influence on what people wanted. Minimalistic fashion was the staple of last year and will continue to be. This year we’re saying goodbye to the over-sized bag and giving a warm welcome to the “just carry the necessary” bag. The movement includes stylish phone pouches and wallet bags.

From left to right: Balenciaga / CHLOÉ

4.Beach Inspo

It’s not just us that seem to be struggling with the travel restrictions; the fashion industry has spoken. With the new year came beach-inspired jewelry ideal for some fun under the sun. Christian Dior introduced colorful pieces adorned with pearls and shells. Even though we can’t have that much fun yet, these accessories will lighten up your outfits and your mood.

From left to right: Christian Dior / Jason Wu

5. Retro Hair Accessories

In recent years, we have seen 90’s culture making a comeback, and this year is not the exception. The scrunchy is returning in a brighter and shinier model. Ultra-sheer and flower options are your best bet for keeping up with the trend. Headbands are also back on the table, and they have never been more vibrant. Simultaneously, we are taking it way back with a little nostalgic piece called the headscarf. Clearly, vintage vibes are what 2021 accessories will be all about.

From left to right: Anthropologie / Max Mara

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