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FASHION TIP FOR THE DAY : Know what to collect

By Carlous Palmer

Kansai Yamamoto is one of THE most sought after Japanese designers. Kansai was so popular in New York in the 1980/90s that they had to close the store because so many

people were breaking in to steal these rare designs also people robbed in the streets over the

sought after EMBROIDERED KANSAI COAT ( once I witnessed a Kansai caper in the D

Train station ) ....

I recently came across a few pieces and I snatched them up immediately as life would have it the pieces that I owned from the 1980s and 90s were stolen ... The beading and embroidery work on these items ( which are the most sought after ) is so impeccable, the colors vibrant and the materials PERFECTION ... if you come across these rare pieces SNATCH THEM UP !!!

Kansai is a city in Japans Southern Central Region and is the second most populated . Kansai is also a very productive and prosperous area of Japan ... so in your fashion travels

if you come across some of his work in particular the embroidered garments do not let them slip through your fingers. There are many collectable designers , however knowing what to collect and why will help your wardrobe become full of pieces of history and or conversation ... but most of all collecting the right items can give you a wardrobe that has financial value .

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