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By Carlous Palmer

FASHION TIP FOR THE DAY: get a good clear understanding of fashion before commenting on a designers self expression.

Designers often make clothing that we don't always understand however it's not always necessary for us to negatively comment on it when a designer creates a collection a designer usually goes through an experience or see something or has a theme and that's how designers come up with the concept that they're showing many of the clothing pieces that are seen in fashion shows never too rarely even go on the selling floor they're basically marketing tools. Pieces that are in fashion shows are seen by buyers , the buyers then take the items that they believe will sell in their stores buyers then make suggestions on changes to the designer the designer then either decides to make the changes or not and items are purchased based on sale ability. there are pieces that are let's say a little over the top or may grab an audience's attention , those items are usually draw our attention and help make a name or create a buzz for the designer so every time that we see clothing like the current collection with Balenciaga where the clothes look ripped and damaged that's not necessarily the designer making a mockery of you or or taking advantage of you financially. what does designers are doing is creating a buzz and also when designers do create they are pulling from their own experience I'm going to focus on the Balenciaga collection and the reason being is that Balenciaga designed by Olivier Rousting is now getting a lot of flack behind his torn look .