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By Carlous Palmer

FASHION TIP FOR THE DAY: get a good clear understanding of fashion before commenting on a designers self expression.

Designers often make clothing that we don't always understand however it's not always necessary for us to negatively comment on it when a designer creates a collection a designer usually goes through an experience or see something or has a theme and that's how designers come up with the concept that they're showing many of the clothing pieces that are seen in fashion shows never too rarely even go on the selling floor they're basically marketing tools. Pieces that are in fashion shows are seen by buyers , the buyers then take the items that they believe will sell in their stores buyers then make suggestions on changes to the designer the designer then either decides to make the changes or not and items are purchased based on sale ability. there are pieces that are let's say a little over the top or may grab an audience's attention , those items are usually draw our attention and help make a name or create a buzz for the designer so every time that we see clothing like the current collection with Balenciaga where the clothes look ripped and damaged that's not necessarily the designer making a mockery of you or or taking advantage of you financially. what does designers are doing is creating a buzz and also when designers do create they are pulling from their own experience I'm going to focus on the Balenciaga collection and the reason being is that Balenciaga designed by Olivier Rousting is now getting a lot of flack behind his torn look .

The Collection was inspired by New York City the backdrop was the New York City stock exchange so I am assuming as a designer myself that Olivia roasting probably went through or studied New York and even came to New York and just drove through or walk through the city and kind of explored in just interpreted what he saw or what he felt and translated it into his own collection and that's what all designers do we as designers are inspired by the environment around us we also reference other collections we also have many methods of creating a collection however before we comment on what we like or what we don't like and we try to bash the designer it's important to have an understanding of what was the designer trying to say by creating or or showing his self expression , after all it is his or her self expression it is not ours therefore unless we have an understanding of what a designer's experience is we really can not make a clear conscious comment about what that designer has created without sounding as if we have no true concept of art and fashion it's always important to try to get an understanding of what the designers intent is or was and then make a comment having ripped and tattered clothes may not make us feel very good and we may feel like we're being taken advantage of or made a fool of but

I understand that's rarely to never the intent of a designer the other thing is that coming from or speaking as a designer I have noticed that for the most part consumers tend to follow and look for leadership designers are leaders in the industry we basically dictate what is and isn't going to be worn however as a consumer you don't have to choose to purchase what's put out there you always have the power because you always have choice I think that if people understood or had a real understanding of what goes into designing clothes you would understand that clothing like these current pieces that Balenciaga which the tennis shoes or some of them are upwards of $600 it takes a lot of work and knowledge and understanding of sewing and putting things together in order to be able to create that look so it's very time consuming so it's not like it's just it's not like it's just some random thing that's done it a lot of work that goes into it and you're basically not paying for the item you're paying for the designer's time the intellectual property you're paying for the technology and many other the next time you see a fashion show look at the workmanship and creativity...not just the final garment.

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