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El Sazón de Nuestra Gente: Chef Dante L. Vargas

Updated: Apr 28, 2021

El sazón de Nuestra gente is a show devoted to giving space to different people to talk about their culture through their food. In this week's episode, we met a chef call Dante Vargas, a chef since 2015 in Mexico. He has an impressive career as a chef, as he has cooked for very well-known restaurants in different parts of Mexico. Today I'm going to give you just a taste of what this weeks episode was all about

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Dante is a chef who seems passionate about food and his career; he started cooking since he was a kid, to the surprise of her mother, who wasn't expecting him to cook for himself as a kid; later on, he continued his career as a chef taking professional courses of international food, which was a surprise for him as he had to use professional elements for cooking. After taking these courses, he decided to start pursuing the career of a professional chef, something that his close friends were not expecting, as they thought it was just a hobby; however, he shows them that it was more than that and that he is thoroughly passionate about food and his career. His favourite cuisine to make is traditional Mexican food, a cuisine that has passed from generation through generation, that has been inherited to all of us Mexican through our grandparents or our parents; he believes that this type of food is more than just food, is an essential part of our heritage as Mexicans and a part of our traditions.

When he talked about the differences between cooking in Mexico and the USA (he is currently living and working here), he told Markus, the host, that he has the most challenging time trying to find specific herbs, mainly because he is living in the north of the States, and not the south where there's more Latin heritage and more Mexican influence in terms of food. He joked about how he found it interesting that people from those parts of the United States enjoyed the Tamales, a traditional Mexican food; however, he said that it is pretty tricky to make it there as many people have tried the American version of tamales and not the traditional Mexican version. Something that caught my attention about the things he said is how important the company and the place is when it's time to eat because it completely changes the experience when you eat alone than when you eat out with friends or family.

The episode then continues to talk about the chef's different experiences, his favourite dishes; what he misses the most about our country Mexico among other things, this was an extraordinary episode that discusses the impressive career of a chef, that even though he is very young, he has an incredible curriculum in the cooking field.

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