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The Modeling Industry

Updated: Aug 11, 2020

By Dea Caldwell

Learn and research as much as you can about the modeling world. You must be disciplined, have the right bone structure and height for fashion modeling. Typically, the standard for fashion models’ women height is 5’9” to 6’0” and for men 5’11” to 6’3”. It is crucial that you stay within strict weight guidelines for fashion modeling. Working with a designer and wearing their fashions you are promoting their garments. The clothing is the star not the model, you bring the look alive.

However, there is work for those that are under 5’9”. And let us not forget the importance of seeing models being represented by the real look of women today. Plus size has become a growing market. These models are generally 5’6” to 5’9” and size 10 to 14 clothing. More designers are starting to make more clothes for plus size category.

Let us talk for just a minute about the return of the mature model making a mark in the industry too! They represent a market for travel, fashion, medical, pharmacy and skincare. Market experts understand the needs for this marketing tool.

For the fitness model category, you must be fit and toned! This is a limited division within agencies. Usually these models are seen in fitness magazines and workout equipment ads.

In addition, there is what we call “parts modeling.” This is where your hand(s), feet, legs are used in advertisements. Making money from this varies, however you may earn as little as $500.00 for the day or as much as $2,000. Ah hour. You must not have any scars or varicose veins or discoloration for this type of work.

Get to know your look and style. Practice in front of a mirror and or record yourself on video to see yourself walking. Learn pivots and turns and hand movements. It is especially important that you be respectful of others and have a good attitude! Learn to ask questions