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Dazzling And Sorrowful

A Feature Film about Reclaiming Hope after a Tragedy

See Me Once More, My Dear Kid, a 90-minute feature film, shows a Chinese-American mother, Lily Zhang, embarked on a tortuous journey of healing after her son was killed in a school shooting, accompanied by her family and the families of other victims.

Set against the backdrop of a true event, the 2018 school mass shooting in Parkland, Florida, it focuses on a young Chinese-American hero, Peter Wang, who was shot and killed while helping his classmates escape.

This film is an intimate, heartbreaking portrait of Lily Zhang, a Chinese-American mother. It shows a dazzling, sorrowful, and deeply affecting journey through the unbearable pain of losing her son, and ultimately reclaiming humanity and hope. It is the cry of mothers and families who have suffered devastating losses, and a present of love for those who are in need of emotional healing.

This is the first film from female Chinese director (Margaret) Bihong Sha, acclaimed for her documentaries about saving women and children. She was once a TV host with audiences in the tens of millions. Nearly every one of her documentaries and TV appearances discussed social topics that were particularly relevant for the national media.


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