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Contemporary Genderless Fashion on Full Display in L.A.

By Claudia Hoag

Local publisher, fashion designer, entrepreneur and icon Parker XL was celebrated in Los Angeles last night for yet another successful jaunt around the sun. Happy Birthday, Parker XL! Parker XL began Truth Black clothing in 2019 and took the local L.A. Fashion scene by storm. With his vibrant use of black, white, and metallic tones, the bar for contemporary genderless fashion has just been officially raised.

Parker XL @parkerxl in a pink suit, with friends

The fabulous and never disappointing Harlowe in West Hollywood was the scene for last night's celebratory debauchery and as you can tell in the pictures a great time was had by all! The party was a Barbie & Ken theme and nothing was left to chance by the Co-host Stephen DeCayette. Stephen ensured everything went smoothly and as planned until Parker's imminent arrival later in the night.

Parker made a grand entrance and stunned the crowd in a vibrant pink outfit topped off by a to-die-for matching chapeau and flats that even left actress Ciera Harding a tad jealous. Although, as you can see, in her pink floral sundress and purple shades she also hit a fashion home run. Guest after guest, model after model, the Barbie and Ken theme was shining as brightly last night as Truth Black clothing and cologne's star, Parker glowed in the jubilation and love on his behalf.

Guests Adam and Arial Guests on the red carpet

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Model Aaron @a_lightershadeofbrown Model Danah Jenise


Actresses Ciera Harding @hardingciera Co-host, talent agent Stephen DeCayette and Morgan Cherokee @morgancherokee @stephendecayettea

Talk show host Kash Hovey @kashhovey Parker's arrival

and The Young And The Restless' actress

Samantha Bailey @samanthaabailey1

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Fun on the dance floor

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