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Chase Baxter’s Drive Has Made Him a Force to Be Reckoned with in Media

Chase Baxter has loved all things media since working for CBS Radio Dallas and as an intern for REELFX, all while attending the University Of North Texas. After graduation and moving to Los Angeles in 2010, Chase began work at Prefect Films, where he was a writer and producer for the feature White T at the age of 24. After leaving in 2013, Chase worked with EZ Productions, coordinating still photography and promotional shoots across the globe with A&E, Lionsgate, History, Universal, and MTV, among others.

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Chase is a logistics madman and has coordinated and helped lead corporate leadership events nationally, serving tens of thousands of guests. Chase’s constant energy and drive to tell amazing stories has been put to use at Flashbox Films ( in Los Angeles, California. and for the past two years he has helped develop and produce projects internally, and has worked on the launch content for the Queens Gaming Collective.

What motivated you to become a producer and director?

I am a unique person in that I