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Background Actor Cordarell Goshay Explains That a Leap of Faith Might Lead To Success

Cordarell Goshay is a background actor. People who do this type of work are performers in a film, television show, or other production who appear in a nonspeaking capacity, usually in the background. Cordarell had wanted to become an actor since the age of 16, and his work ethic and confidence will likely take him far.

What attracted you to acting?

I watched different television shows as I was younger. Some of my favorite actors from those shows inspired me to want to be on the big screen.

Who are your biggest influences?

My family.

What are your main strengths as an actor?

Patience and confidence.

How difficult do you believe it will be to establish yourself in the film industry?

It won't be difficult for me at all.

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What's your dream, your ultimate goal? Do you feel like you're on the path to this goal, or do you feel as if you already achieved that dream?

My dream and ultimate goal is to become an actor. I feel that I'm on the right path, and will continue to manifest my dream.

What is your message to all your fans?

Whatever it is that you want to be in life, don’t be scared to take a leap of faith. You can become whatever you want to be if you put your mind to it.



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