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Meet Award-Winning Screenwriter and Director Robert L Butler Jr.

Robert L Butler an award-winning indie actor, writer, editor, producer, and director. His company is called RLB JR Production LLC. He has acted in, written, produced and directed five short films and one feature film called The Alliance, and is currently filming the sequel, The Alliance 2 The Hunt for Breeze.

Robert has won a total of 173 awards and 102 nominations from various film festivals around the world. His award- winning film The Alliance is currently streaming on Amazon Prime and Tubi TV.

Photo Credit: Edward Dose

What motivated you to become a producer and a screenwriter?

As a young kid, my dream was always to be an actor, after seeing Bruce Lee in Enter the Dragon. So after I retired from the Marines following 20 years of service, I decided to pursue that dream. What made me want to be a screenwriter was the fact that there were no scripts being written that would cast a person of color or give them a chance to be a lead or even to have a supporting role. I wanted to change that and create stories and films with a diverse cast.