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Updated: Oct 24, 2021

Adam Bombbay Carral’s Determination Has Opened doors for Him

Standup comic. Actor. Inspiration for aspiring comics. Adam Bombbay Carral became all three of these things as a result of his ability to make others laugh and his persistence.

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Tell us a little about yourself.

I was born and raised in Richmond, Cali, the bay area. As a middle child, I wanted to stand out more than my brothers. So, I learned how to make jokes to make people laugh. That started when I could make my mother laugh at a young age. Her laughter made me. Throughout the years growing up, my lust for more laughs, even during hard times, kept me in line. Well, my father did most of the work by keeping us in line. LOL…

Growing up with my friends made it even easier to crack jokes, which was very popular in my neighborhood. If you can't hang you will maybe cry in the car or in your momma's car after school. I have always had a funny bone and the wish to be in front of a crowd, now that’s my freedom from the world itself. I love people who love to have a good time, that’s the thrill I have in me till this day, and it will never leave. My passion for art hit me at a very young age. Be humble, as my grandfather would say. Be humble in what you love, show passion for your craft.

I've always wanted to make a difference in my life, and also in that of others who have journeyed with me over the years.

Have you always wanted to be a comedian or an actor?

Not really!! My family moved from the Bay Area to Fairfield, California in 1991. During the years living there, a comedy club opened. This was in 2008 and it was named Pepperbelly’s. Basically one night on a Tuesday it was an open mic, not a big ordeal, but it was something to do. I was dared by some friends to tell jokes that night. I never considered myself a comic at all.

That night sparked that flame of being a comedian. Since then I learned from and watched other comics. I saw how they move, talk, hold the microphone, and deliver punch lines.

Over the course of more than 14 years, I developed a style that is undeniable to me. Not the style of other comedians, but my own, just me being me. Flying to L.A. from the Bay Area, working in different comedy clubs, was very, very tough. Most clubs would never let me on stage at all, even if it was an open microphone night. It really put a damper on my confidence for a while. Still, my courage gave me more determination, and it’s paid off through the years. No manager. No agent. Just my word of mouth to each owner of each establishment.

Let’s fast-forward a bit. I began acting in a few films. Being a comic gave me that opportunity to be seen on stage in front of other eyes. Directors who had seen me on stage wanted me in their films, independent films based out of the Bay Area. Mostly, it was my determination that took me places in the entertainment world, places where I never thought I could be. Opening for movie star comedians was, to me, the best thing ever. My first opportunity was opening for comedian Bruce Bruce in 2010, and that sparked the biggest flame in me to get even better. I did good, he said. LOL.

That opened more doors for an opening for major comics from New York, L.A., and other places.

Then I began to be called as an extra for TV shows such as Murder in the First, Ballers (HBO)-- actually, it was twice for that show. Also, a dating show, but that never aired. Guess I’m that superstar extra! LOL!


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How do you come up with material?

Most of my material has to do with day-to-day activities. By that I mean things people might say or do. That's so little, but add a joke that everyone can relate to. Now, that's the magic of it all. Even my own life growing up, relationships, religion... anything can be funny or sometimes way funny.

Like today for instance. You're driving your car and it's so slow on the freeway. The person driving next to you always looks like he or she can make the car go faster with their head, looking like they’re pushing the air with their forehead. LMAO...

It just comes to me. When I'm performing, I improv a lot just to prove that I'm not just a comedian. I’m a standup comic!

Is there anything you won't joke about?

That definitely depends on what type of crowd I'm performing for. That's one key I learned, know the audience and just have fun with it all. I'm not the smartest kind of guy, but I know when and when not to joke.

What's the most memorable moment in your career so far?

The best, I mean the best, is when I met Bernie Mac. It was in 2013, at L.A.N. Hollywood. It was an open microphone night at a local comedy club. It was a very late night. Went to relax a bit at a cafe. While sitting having coffee, Mr. Mac walked in. I had to say something. I'm a huge fan of his, plus I wanted to pick his brain for a bit.

I introduced myself while he waited for his tea-- I guess it was tea. He told me something I will never ever forget. He said, "Look here, keep pushing if this is in your heart; don't worry about money, have fun and enjoy every part of the experience!”

Now, that gave me so much fulfillment, the best day was meeting a real down-to-earth comic. Most are not that way at all. LOL.

Is there is something that you would like to share about your acting career future?

Well, my acting is a bit slow. You know, since I'm not the dream guy, women would scream for that muscular-built type of guy. One day I will be the man in the middle. Somewhere in the future. LOL. I’ll be that superstar extra, see my face in the background of top movies. LOL. One day! Just being humble about that part, LOL…

What is your dream, your ultimate goal? Do you feel like you're on the path to this goal, or do you feel as if you already achieved that dream?

My ultimate goal is to have my own comedy club in my city, Richmond, Cali. The reason is that there is so much talent in Richmond that is overlooked by many. Even if it takes me, as people would say, forever, it will happen when it’s time. I believe I'm also on that path to being able to travel more and experience more to attain my dream. It's not really about me, it's what I want to give others-- that chance, by opening my own comedy club. Yeah, that's the bomb right there. LOL…

What is your message to your fans?

I love all their support for everything I'm trying to accomplish in life, and I hope and pray that I turn all my fans into my friends. Keep your head up, and let's enjoy this comedy ride together.

Walk with me, talk with me.


Instagram: @adam_bomb_carral

Twitter: @adam bomb carral


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