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Season 1 Episode 3: Eli Marcus

Eli Marcus is the son of a Holocaust survivor. Once painfully shy, he embarked on a quest for self-transformation and eventually became the number-one ranked ad salesperson in the world, out of over 3 million salespeople.

Watch Eli speak with host Sandy Rodriguez, author of Choose to Prevail, the book that inspired this video series. Choose to Prevail is the Gold Medal winner in the Best Health & Wellness Book category of the International Latino Book Awards, the largest Latino cultural awards event in the U.S. It is also the 2021 Readers' Favorite Silver Medal Winner in the Non-Fiction - Grief/Hardship genre.

Choose to Prevail: The Show (Season 1) guests appeared remotely, due to the rigorous covid-related restrictions in place during the time it was shot.

Get your signed copy of Choose to Prevail.

Producers: Giovanna Salas, Sandy Rodriguez, Scott Stoltz

Executive Producers: Halas Wilbourn and Angela Nunez



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