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Choose To Prevail - Signed Copies by Sandy Rodriguez

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Communications expert Sandy Rodriguez is the editor of Heart of Hollywood Magazine and a Heart of Hollywood video host. Heart of Hollywood is the ONLY place where you purchase SIGNED copies of her new book, Choose to Prevail: Unexpected Insights to help You Overcome Challenges, currently available on major platforms such as Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Apple Books.   

Prepare to feel an increase in your self-confidence and your sense of inner peace as you leaf through Choose to Prevail. If you are plagued by worries, insecurities, or problems in general, here you will find ways to prevail over whatever is causing you grief. Sandy suggests reframing challenges, while taking practical measures to support your goals.

You will discover:

Benefits of letting others see unusual sides of your personality

Why extremely sad thoughts are the antidote to everyday annoyances

Reasons a tiny apartment helped tenants attract a spouse

A time-management technique that could save you money

How the author overcame fear of public speaking literally overnight

Why having haters could be flattering

Ideas to minimize existential angst and nagging thoughts

Why it's not necessarily vain or superficial to care about your appearance

How to reinvent yourself at any age using the power of words

This is not your average motivational book. The author's viewpoints come from the heart and are often out of the ordinary. She offers ideas that are different from what you will find elsewhere.

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