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Champion for Women, Ayana Bean Set To Release New Book A Year And A Day

Updated: Aug 2, 2021

Boston, MA native Ayana Bean has lead a life worthy of a movie, with a preview of her story being shared through her episode of Black Entertainment Television’s reboot of the highly acclaimed American Gangster series. Her hustle spanned from the streets of Boston to the entire country as she became a vital music presence in Boston and worked as the regional liaison for several major record labels including Def Jam, Sony, Eone formerly Koch Records, Interscope to name a few.

However, the battles in her personal life–which consisted of raising 2 young sons, and the disease of drug addiction in the home led her down a path of fiscal ruin. After serving time on state & Federal convictions for fraud, Ayana chose to become an advocate of at-risk women and gives talks to those in or transitioning from prison. Ayana‘s life is chronicled on the American Gangster: Trap Queens series on BET.

Her career in music and ultimate redemption will be told to the world in the series and in her new book A Year And A Day. What makes Ayana unique is her magnetically charming personality & impeccable style that makes her not only a champion for women but a tastemaker whose personal style influences trends, making her the ultimate ambassador for any brands that complement her style.

When you began to travel the world to tell your story were there any fear involved? If so, how did you overcome that?

Ayana Bean: Absolutely! The fear all comes with the stages of healing I have been in. Talking about it has helped me overcome it. Instead of standing on the fear I now stand on the healing and that has given me great courage and comfortability with myself.

How do you balance being a mother and having a career?

Ayana Bean: It's easier now that my children are adults and have their own children now. It's more so how I balance being a grandma now lol. As nurtures it's just something you learn to do. I watched my mom raise 3 girls with no support system, she worked every day no matter the circumstances. We learned to support each other.

What do you like to do in your free time?

Ayana Bean: I love traveling, reading, being grandma, learning things that I don't know.

What would you like our readers to know about you that you think they may not know.

Ayana Bean: I'm a shy person at first, it takes me time to warm up. That might be odd since I am talking about my life but I am. Other than that they should I love the beach but I don't know how to swim. When you wake up in the morning what are some of your first thoughts?

Ayana Bean: My first thought is how Thankful that I was allowed to wake up, how grateful I am to have the strength to carry on and just try to do it better than the day before.

Who are some of your favorite music artists?

Ayana Bean: Oh my this would be the longest answer ever! I have so many favorites from different decades and genres. I have to start with my home team Boston. New Edition, Bobby Brown of course! There is a new artist hip hop artist BIA, SWV, Lil Kim, Cardi B, Latto, Nikki Minaj, Earth Wind & Fire, The emotions, Jazmine Sullivan, H.E.R, wow I could go on forever about this.

What is your favorite movie?

Ayana Bean: Love Jones.

Who are some public figures you admire?

Ayana Bean: Ayanna Pressley, Tamika Mallory, Angela Rye, and Keisha Bottoms.

What's next for Ayana Bean?

Ayana Bean: They say the sky is the limit. Continuing to build a strong platform that can be used to impact strength amongst those who feel weak and alone.

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