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Tina O. Works in Fashion and Entertainment, and Is Also an Entrepreneur

A stunning, Los Angeles-based model known professionally as Tina O. is busy working on a number of different projects.

Photo credits: Liz Bretz

Creative: Stephanie Montes

“I am a model at BICOASTAL MGMT, which represents models and talent of all types and has offices in New York City and Los Angeles. Since they offer fashion, commercial, print, parts, showroom, and runway models, as well as the top fit models in the industry, they are truly full service. They take pride in being at the forefront of the body positivity and inclusivity movement since their inception, across all boards. I am a ‘curve’ model. I am also a multimedia host and interviewer for Site & Sound Artist Productions,” she says.

During Tina’s free time, she loves to work on her marketing business, Truestpoint, LLC. Her personal projects in event planning and digital marketing have been geared toward her interest in the modeling and entertainment industries.

“I have a passion for fashion, beauty, image, and representing people in unique ways. I also find time to write poems,” she adds.

Photo Credit: Maria

IG: @mvf.portraits

What inspired you to become a model and how did you get started in the industry?

I started modeling to show that walking with confidence in who you're created to be is powerful! Modeling is unique, because it displays quiet confidence.

How would you describe your personal style, and how does it inform the way you approach modeling?

I am definitely a minimalist when it comes to style. I love the natural outward look of sheer and boho. I am a 90s girl with a touch of classy girl. I accessorize with soft glam girl makeup and small, dainty jewelry. When modeling, I strive for a natural beauty look.

Photo Credit: Anastasiya Sazhina

What are some of your favorite fashion designers or brands, and why do you admire their work?

I love Zevelyn Jean; it's a sexy yet modest brand! They just get it. Most of the time I want to look sexy yet classy, and be comfortable. I mean, that's a win-win! I also love Kate Spade and Teflar.

How do you prepare for a photo shoot or runway show, both mentally and physically?

I listen to my music in the morning. I like Sade, Cleo Sol, jazz, piano, and anything lofi! I also clear my head to journal and pray.


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What sets you apart from other models, and why should an agency or company hire you?

I believe in the power of representation! There are so many versions of beautiful humans that need to be portrayed as art pieces. I believe I am one of those art pieces ready to flow through the camera and be bold and strong, and showcase my emotions through the lens! I also am willing to offer dedication and sacrifice throughout my career.

What are some of your career goals and aspirations, and where do you see yourself in five or ten years?

I see myself in billboards, TV commercials, and beauty campaigns. I also aspire to be a great marketing guru, content creator, and multimedia host on daytime television!

What would you like to tell our Heart Of Hollywood Magazine readers?

If your heart and soul are in awe of the career or random talent you discovered, go for it! You'll be surprised by the outcome. It takes guts and sacrifice to go after something you know is within your heart. There will be a lot of skepticism for dreaming big. Protect your heart and go through the process anyway! Life is challenging at times, so you might as well do something you love and believe you're called to do while you're in the process!


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